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          Hong Kong police did not reveal the identity of the arrested suspect. Hong Kong media reported that among them were anti-Chinese Hong Kong activist Lai Zhiying and his two sons, four next Media executives and former Scholar Of the Populist Trend Li Zongze, Hong Kong Story member Li Yuxuan, and former Member of the Hong Kong People's Journal Zhou Ting.

         Gout was mainly manifested as elevated serum uric acid, recurrent acute arthritis, gout and joint malformations, uric acid kidney stones, etc. For patients with Sjogren's syndrome, the time and frequency of washing and bathing should be moderately reduced to avoid the destruction of the skin grease layer. After washing and bathing, a mild skin care product can be used to keep the skin moist and reduce dandruff removal. Start of autumn on August 7. Days of continuous rain, to the original heat wave of the Yangcheng added a few lines of cool. Although the heat will continue to return, some of the "old problems" that peak in the fall are already on the way, such as dry eyes, dry mouth and throat, sore joints, and dry skin. Autumn dry climate is also easy to induce endocrine disorders, autonomic nervous dysfunction and other diseases. Under "autumn dryness", patients with Sjogren's syndrome are difficult to quench their thirst even if they drink water. They are also prone to problems such as dry eyes, dental caries, enlarged parotid glands and constipation. Reduced oil production also makes such patients more prone to itching and dandruff removal. 

        On the second day after arriving in Donglan, Lin Began to work hard, organizing student registration, answering questions for parents, understanding the learning situation, getting familiar with new teaching materials, teaching and research of science group, dormitory management, building inspection and sleeping, etc. On another blackout night, returning to the dormitory after inspecting the teaching area, a little boy came up to Lin with a book in his hand and asked, "Teacher, can you take a picture of me reading with your mobile phone?" Watching her child's eager eyes, Lin smiled at the sticky urge to take a bath. She said "Yes" softly and held the phone against the wall until it came back on. The classroom is the teacher's life, the teaching research activity is the important link in the teaching, there is no better teaching without the teaching research. Affected by the epidemic, the school starts late, the teaching task is relatively tight, coupled with the establishment of new schools, some school affairs have not been improved, including the teaching and research activities of all subject groups.  "When the base station is normally turned on, the power consumption of the base station in the middle of the night is not much reduced compared with the peak period, but most of the energy consumption is' inefficient energy consumption '. "Putting no-load AAU devices into deep hibernation is a trend in fine-tuning network management." The practice has little impact on users, but can significantly reduce operators' electricity and other maintenance costs, said Fu Liang, a telecom industry analyst. Meanwhile, telecom equipment companies such as Huawei and ZTE have been providing solutions for the three operators, striving to reduce power consumption in 5G base station equipment. Operators are also evolving from artificial energy saving to intelligent energy saving, developing ways to reduce energy consumption including deep dormancy and symbolic shut-off. Previously, Huawei's PowerStar energy saving solution can achieve 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G multi-frequency network collaborative scheduling through AI and other technologies to achieve the purpose of energy saving. Jiangsu Telecom and ZTE jointly pilot 5G energy-saving technology of symbolic turn-off, deep dormancy and symbolic turn-off superposition deep dormancy.

         For Mr. Guan's factory, however, the biggest challenge is how to coordinate the distr&