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         Uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China, abide by national laws and regulations, love the cause of higher education, have good conduct, academic ethics and professional ethics, teamwork spirit, no academic misconduct; (ten thousand yuan), and to solve the spouse's work, assist to solve the children's enrollment, care, provide the campus transitional housing, meet the requirements of hebei Province title evaluation, title can be a higher level of employment; (3) Permanent residence in Beijing and personnel and administrative relations in Beijing (excluding non-Beijing graduates whose hukou and archives are kept in the university; Military dependants who have registered permanent residence in other places and meet the requirements for being sent to Beijing may also apply for public recruitment by public institutions if they hold a certificate issued by the military cadre department of one of their spouses serving in Beijing and meet the requirements for posts. (4) educational background, major, professional and technical position (post qualification), occupational qualification (post or subordinate) or professional skill level as required by post conditions. For fresh graduates who apply for positions requiring teacher qualification certificates, a combination of written examination and interview shall be adopted according to the measures issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The main steps include: announcement, registration and qualification preliminary examination, written examination, qualification review, interview, physical examination, publicity of the personnel to be hired, personnel recruitment. 

      ), one of the first joint-stock commercial Banks approved by the State Council and the People's Bank of China, is also the first Equatorbank in China. At present, it has grown into a mainstream commercial banking group in China with Banks as the main body, covering trust, financial leasing, fund, futures, asset management, consumer finance, research and consulting, digital finance and other fields, and has become a strong bank in the world. The Development planning Department of Industrial Bank is a first level management department headquartered in Fuzhou. Due to actual work needs, it is recruiting several staff members for the public. We sincerely welcome all kinds of professionals who have both ability and integrity and are brave enough to accept challenges to join us. The positions and specific requirements are as follows: In this announcement and the mianyang city maternal and child health care of family planning service center 2020 direct recruitment jobs and professional and technical personnel to test the list "(hereinafter referred to as the" list of jobs and conditions ") contained in the requirements of personnel, candidates must be in registration in accordance with the requirements of the positions and conditions of the country admits record of formal schooling of diploma certificate, etc. 1. One original and one photocopy of my valid certificate (ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, practice certificate, professional title certificate, etc.) and one personal resume. (2) Examination materials: the applicant shall hold one original and one copy of his/her valid certificate (id card, graduation certificate, academic degree certificate, practice certificate, professional title certificate, etc.) for on-site qualification examination. The university has two campuses, Yaohu and Qingshan Lake, covering an area of more than 3,500 mu, with a construction area of more than 1.4 million square meters. It has a collection of more than 3,236,900 paper books and 3,495,700 electronic books. The school has a total of 2630 faculty members, including 1750 full-time teachers and 818 doctors. There are nearly 30,000 full-time undergraduates and more than 5,000 doctoral and postgraduate students. The university has 23 professional colleges, one independent college (college of Science and Technology) and 91 undergraduate programs, 15 of which are selected as the first national first-class program construction sites. 3. Applicants are not allowed to apply for positions where the professional code is inconsistent with the professional code of the recruitment post. Was not included in your major professional directory (no professional code), can choose close major to enter oneself for an examination in the recruitment of professional, enter oneself for an examination a compulsory course for the specialty should correspond with post requirements of professional major courses, and provide diploma when qualification audit, specialty course transcript (office of affix one's seal), issued by the college course contrast situation shows, graduated from colleges and universities set up the professional basis material, etc. To contain the major of two above groom direction, if recruit to take an examination of a post to already made clear specific groom direction, sign up personnel to must accord with specific groom direction to just can sign up. If "business management" (including financial management, marketing, and human resource management) is listed in the professional directory (A120202), and the position condition is "business management" (financial management), then those majoring in marketing and human resource management cannot apply. In addition to the professional directory has listed the professional training direction, the professional name on other graduation certificate in the form of parenthesis listed training direction cannot serve as the basis for signing up for the professional. : This open recruitment examination does not specify the examination guidance book, does not hold nor entrusts any organization or individual to hold the interview guidance training class. At present, all kinds of institutions held in the community recruitment and training classes and issued publications, and so on, have nothing to do with this examination. Please be vigilant, do not be deceived.  

       Please bring the written test admission ticket, your valid ID card and the interview notice. The interview is conducted in a structured way, mainly testing the candidates' comprehensive analysis ability, speech expression ability, planning, organization and coordination ability, strain capacity, emotional control, interpersonal cooperation awareness and skills, job motivation and the matching of the proposed position, manners and appearance, etc. The ministry of human resources and social security and the former ministry of health issued the notice on the revision of >, the general standard for civil servant employment physical examination (trial) and >, the operation manual for civil servant employment physical examination (trial) (issued by the ministry of human resources and social security) A nursing unit. Xi Xian New Area emergency center, maternity hospital, children's hospital, famous hospital, non-disease physical examination center, clinical examination center, medical imaging center, prenatal screening center, pathological diagnosis center, disinfection supply center. Adhere to the principle of equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine hospital, giving full play to the advantages of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine actively, at the end of the year, salty campus in functions, business perfect, layout optimization, advanced equipment, process flow, service efficiency, environmental conditions, comprehensive begin exert positive national district central hospital service functions, to vigorously promote the overall development of west salty district medical and health service system, strive to build a comprehensive ability strong, the obvious advantages of Chinese and western medicine combined with outstanding features, service level, set medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, health management and cultural inheritance as one of the university hospital and regional medical center. Since its inception, the bank has always adhered to the people-oriented, committed to the construction of a first-class modern commercial bank. In order to meet the needs of business development, we are now open to the public to recruit a number of financial reform and innovation, the courage to accept challenges, integrity and talent to join. More than 2 years retail wealth marketing experience; Have a good knowledge of retail business, with securities, investment, foreign exchange, funds, insurance and other professional certification is preferred; Qualification certified by the Financial Standards Board; Good ability in marketing, communication, coordination and organization; Innovative and good analytical, planning and word processing skills. (5) Inspection. The organization department of the county Party Committee organizes an investigation group to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the qualified personnel. Investigation shall be carried out by means of reviewing archives, investigating to original units and sending correspondence. Personnel who pass the inspection shall sign the Agreement on Talent Introduction. (8) Employment. The leading group of the talent work of the county Party Committee shall submit the proposal to the standing Committee of the county Party Committee to study and determine the candidates for the introduction after no objection is made to the public notice. By the county party committee editing office, county people and social bureau, county finance bureau and other departments responsible for the introduction of the relevant procedures. (ii) Post and rank treatment. The system of probationary period shall be implemented for the introduced talents. The probationary period shall be one year. Formal employment after probation. Those who are employed as management positions shall be designated as staff of grade 7 for doctoral students and staff of grade 8 for postgraduate students. If it is employed as a professional and technical post, it shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions on post establishment.

         I am a "newborn calf", dare to think, dare to do, but after a failure, I found that the only "dare", there is a rush forward silly is far from enough. There is a classic line in 1566 of the Ming Dynasty: "To be an official, you must think twice, think of danger, think of retreat and think of change." This means that an official has to think about the wrong and dangerous places he has done before, know the dangerous places, retreat to a safe place to improve himself, and at the same time, wait for opportunities, and try to seize the opportunity to change the current situation. At that time, when watching TV series, I only felt that this phrase is plausible and applicable to officialdom. Now on the way to find a job, I suddenly realize that this truth applies not only to officialness, but also to every challenge we face in life... This year's fresh graduates shall provide the school status certificate issued by the school (school status certificate should include educational background, degree, length of schooling, major, graduation time), such personnel shall obtain the corresponding educational background and degree certificate in the qualification review link, otherwise their interview qualification shall be cancelled. According to the qualifications of the post, the applicants for the qualification examination. Registration and qualification examination are conducted simultaneously. Candidates submit entry information should be true, accurate (among them, the application form should fill in the professional and candidates themselves to obtain the university diploma on the professional consistent). " . Enter oneself for an examination post requirement is specific major, can enter oneself for an examination only with this major; Enter oneself for an examination post professional requirement is professional kind, accord with the major of this professional kind to all can enter oneself for an examination (if: enter oneself for an examination requirement is economics major, only economics can enter oneself for an examination; Enter oneself for an examination major is economics kind, economics, international economy and trade, trade economy can enter oneself for an examination). Apply for the post requirements for undergraduate and above degrees, postgraduate qualifications for the application, postgraduate major and recruitment requirements major belong to the same professional category.

       , log in the Luoyang Personnel Examination network, enter the online registration system according to the website prompts, fill in and save the registration application according to the requirements. After the registration application is saved, the registration system will automatically generate and feedback a registration serial number. The registration serial number is an important basis for applicants to confirm registration, download and print the admission ticket, etc., please keep it properly. Room) submit the following materials: applicants from absolute poor families in rural areas shall submit the certificate of extreme poverty issued by the county (city, district) poverty relief office where their families are located, and the file card (photocopy) of basic information of extreme poverty families and the hukou book; Enjoy the person that the town family enters oneself for an examination of national lowest life safeguard, the county that submits its family seat (city, area) civil administration branch issues the proof that enjoys safeguard of lowest life and low assure (photocopy) reach registered permanent residence this.     Job requirements: Understand the domestic and foreign economic and financial situation, familiar with regulatory policies, have a deep understanding of the development direction and strategic choice of commercial Banks that are integrated and collectivised; Excellent ability of data statistical analysis, data sorting, strong writing ability, independent analysis and judgment ability, research ability, etc.; Experience in management of financial holding group or large commercial bank is preferred. Job responsibilities: Tracked and studied relevant policies and decisions of the central government, regulatory authorities and other financial reforms, as well as the institutional reform of domestic and foreign commercial Banks, investigated and studied the institutional construction and reform of the bank, and put forward relevant opinions and Suggestions; Participate in drafting and organizing the promotion of various institutional and institutional reform plans of the bank, and regularly track and evaluate the implementation status and effectiveness of the reform.

      Of the public. Those who pass the physical examination and inspection shall be identified as the personnel to be hired and shall be publicly announced. For those who fail to pass the physical examination or inspection, or whose problems are reflected through the public announcement and verified by the examination, they shall not be employed. If the public announcement has no objection, the employment procedures shall be handled according to the relevant provisions. Applicants must provide true and valid personal information and relevant materials such as certificates and certificates. The qualification examination will run through the whole process of recruitment. Those who fail to meet the registration requirements, provide false information or forge relevant materials will be disqualified immediately upon discovery. Those who have gone through the formalities will be cancelled and the personnel relationship will be terminated. Please actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work. Please make sure that you have no fever, cough and other strange symptoms recently when taking the written test and interview, and prepare the travel health green code according to the requirements. People with a history of travel and contact in China's high-risk epidemic areas or those who have returned to Beijing from overseas within the past month and meet the required quarantine period should also bear a negative nucleic acid test certificate issued within one week. In principle, those who fail to meet the prescribed quarantine observation period shall not attend the written test and interview of this recruitment. community     

       If the applicant meets the requirements in the first examination, the college will notify the applicant to take the examination. The examination adopts the method of written examination and interview, which mainly inspects the candidates' political and ideological quality, professional accomplishment, post basic knowledge and post ability, practical work ability and so on. . Each person is limited to one post. Registration in other forms without the application form is invalid. Within two working days after the email is sent, the applicant should contact our college to confirm whether the email has been checked. The photo of the application form should be a recent one-inch full-face photo of the applicant and should be legible. Overdue online registration will not be accepted. Style). If the employer has terminated the labor contract or employment agreement at the time of registration, the applicant may provide a letter of approval with the seal of the personnel file depositary institution, or a written commitment letter of the employee who has terminated the labor contract or employment agreement or is unemployed. The style). Work experience is calculated on a full term basis and can be accumulated. If the applicant fails to pay social insurance compensation in full and on time in accordance with relevant regulations, his/her relevant work experience will not be recognized.  (1) having the nationality of the People's Republic of China and in good health; No criminal record or record of participating in organizational activities prohibited by the State; In the absence of laws, regulations and rules, it is not suitable to employ staff of an institution; The assessment is carried out by means of professional skill test, which is a 100-point system. The new district Management Committee has set up an assessment team to assess the relevant quota, project cost, budget and final accounts and financial fund payment of Guangdong Province. The result was announced on the spot. After the completion of the assessment, the qualified personnel shall be ranked according to the overall score from high to low, and the physical examination candidates of the same amount shall be determined according to the number of people to be introduced into the post. Employers shall organize physical examinations in accordance with the Implementation Rules for the Physical Examination of Publicly recruited Personnel in Public Institutions of Guangdong Province (trial implementation).

         (2) Those who fail to attend the registration, qualification examination, written examination, interview, physical examination, inspection, qualification review and registration within the prescribed time as required by the relevant notice shall be deemed to have given up the examination and employment qualification automatically. The recruitment principle of good faith, that is, candidates should be responsible for the authenticity of their submitted information, any found falsification or violation of the examination, employment discipline, will be cancelled examination, employment qualifications. Item A mistake, the national economic census regulations stipulated in article 2: the purpose of economic census, in order to fully grasp the second industry and the tertiary industry in our country development scale, structure and benefits, etc., establish and improve the basic unit directory library and database system, to formulate the national economic and social development plan, improve the level of decision-making and management foundation. In 2003, according to the needs of the development of the situation, the State Council decided to integrate the general survey of industry, the general survey of tertiary industry and the general survey of basic units into the general survey of economy, and carried out the first national economic survey in 2004. In order to carry out the census according to law, the State Council promulgated and implemented the Regulations on the National Economic Census in 2004. Since then, economic censuses have been conducted every five years, in years 3 and 8, respectively. The standard time point is December 31 of the census year, and the data of the census period is the annual data of the census year.  

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