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         At present, the international financial crisis is still spreading, and its impact on the global real economy is becoming increasingly evident. Many countries have fallen into recession, social stability faces great challenges, and major changes in the world economic order are a foregone end. ?? ? ? ? ? ? ", which is originated from the ideology-led theories and policies for the development of capitalism that have been called "neoliberalism", "economic liberalism", "economic fundamentalism", "Thatcherism" or "The Washington consensus" over the past 30 years. The article mainly tells the history of the emergence and development of Shikumen buildings in the Concession of Shanghai. At the end of the article, the first generation of Shikumen in Shanghai appeared around 1870. Logic, according to the general writing needs is to express the above or is near the end of the cohesion, from Italy to see the last sentence "around 1870, started to build Shanghai lilong, the first generation of shikumen resulting" shikumen derivation the topic, so, the next most likely will revolve around "the first generation of shikumen" specific narrative. B) The content of the passage is the best.   

            For those who fail to reach the above proportion, the candidates for the interview shall be determined according to the actual number of people who meet the written test qualification score line. If there is a written test results of the situation, together with the interview. Interview time and place: further notice. Candidates should hold a valid ID card, admission ticket according to the specified time to arrive at the designated venue, attend the interview on time. Those who fail to arrive after the deadline will be deemed to have given up the interview qualification automatically. 1. The physical examination. The physical examination will be arranged in the city where the recruitment site is located, and a hospital at the county level (or grade II A) or above will be designated for unified examination. For the physical examination, please refer to the Notice on Further Improving the Physical Examination work for Civil Servant Examination Recruitment (Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2012] No. 65), & LT;

      Before logging into the online registration system, candidates shall carefully read the Registration Guide and The Registration Instructions, and according to the registration system tips, enter the registration intention, voluntary adjustment, work and learning experience, commendation and awards, and upload the photos of relevant certificates and certificates, residence permit, draft license and other pictures. Registration id photo including my recent one-inch full-faced color photo 1 (for white or blue background, 295 x 413 pixels, JPG or jpeg format) and id photo (positive and negative lateral shoot id photos, id card must be as a whole in the center position, leaving no borders, to ensure that clear, JPG or jpeg format), id photo subject to qualified rear can upload tool treatment system. Those who provide false registration information shall be disqualified for admission. Please fill the transparent envelope in the above order and hand it in to the staff at check-in time. The master station will receive the recommendation form and registration form, and check the originals of the other materials, and receive the copies. Candidates must prepare the copies of the above materials in advance, and the originals will be returned after the examination. For positions with a ratio of 3 to 1 between the number of candidates interviewed and the number of candidates planned to be employed, the list of candidates shortlisted for physical examination will be determined according to the order of comprehensive performance from high to low and the ratio of 2 to 1 after the interview. For positions that do not reach the ratio of 3:1, candidates must have an interview score of 60 points before they can be shortlisted according to the comprehensive score from high to low and the ratio of 2:1.  Above, and can meet the continuous recording of two and a half hours of electricity. Before the exam, look around the exam environment with the front-facing camera of the mobile device, then fix the mobile device to the position where the examinee's desktop, examinee's computer desktop, surrounding environment and examinee's behavior can be photographed, and pass the exam after the exam. Intelligence test pass & throughout; The mobile terminal confirms that all the supporting videos have been uploaded successfully. The examination environment for candidates should be a quiet place with sufficient light, closed, free from other people and outside interference. No books or video materials should be placed in the place. The shooting Angle and sitting position of the camera should be adjusted to ensure that the upper body can be in the shooting range of the computer. Candidates are not allowed to use filters and other devices that may cause serious distortion. Their makeup should not be exaggerated. They are not allowed to cover their face (masks are not allowed) and headphones are not allowed. According to the business unit personnel management ordinance "measures for the implementation of institution open recruitment staff of hainan province, according to the sanya municipal party committee organization department regarding the zhuhai province hiring of college student village official examination recruitment work in district staff notice (three sets of words [2020] no. 108) documentation requirements, now 2015 and in 2016 the province unified arrangement to the hiring rural development of our service and on-the-job assessment of college student village official orientation is currently looking for a business unit staff. The announcement of relevant matters is as follows: Applicants shall carefully read the recruitment announcement and the recruitment position information form, take the examination according to their personal conditions, and fill in the Registration Form for the Staff of Public Institutions engaged in the Directional Assessment recruitment in 2020 in Jiyang District, Sanya city (Attachment 2) with relevant information in a truthful, comprehensive and accurate manner.


      A) The canteen of the company, as an accessory place specially designed for employees to arrange and provide food and drinks during work, is within the scope of effective management of the company and is A reasonable extension of the workplace. In addition, although dining in the canteen of the company does not belong to the direct performance of work responsibilities, but the dining behavior is the premise of continuing to carry out the normal work, so it can be identified as engaged in preparatory work related to the work. So a in the company canteen dining accidentally fall, should be identified as a work-related injury.  Qualified applicants will take the unified exam, which will be closed. The content of the examination is the basic knowledge of education (pedagogy, educational psychology, computer application). The exam does not specify the tutoring book, the full mark of the paper is 100 points, the exam time is 60 minutes. Those who have no objection after being published shall take up their posts on September 1, 2020, and take a unified physical examination before taking up their posts. Those who pass the medical examination shall be the employees. The probationary period is one year for the employed personnel, and the probationary period shall be calculated together with the seniority. Those who pass the examination at the end of the probation period shall be formally employed; those who fail the examination during the probation period shall be cancelled. The Decision of the CENTRAL Committee of the Communist Party of China on Some Major Issues concerning Upholding and Improving the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics and Promoting the Modernization of China's governance system and Governance Capacity, adopted at the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee today, points out that "We should attach importance to the role of the third distribution and develop charity and other public welfare undertakings". Of the CPC Central Committee first clear the third allocation as part of the income distribution system to establish charity and public welfare undertakings in the important position of economic and social development in our country, after the charity law enacted in 2016 further release of a new era of the party and the state vigorously develop public welfare charity, to adjust income distribution pattern of the major signal, have more advantages become the construction of distribution system, create a public welfare charity road with Chinese characteristics, to the strategic guidance of socialist common prosperity. (A) The first distribution is the first distribution, which is carried out by the market in accordance with the principle of efficiency and is directly related to the factors of production. Any production activity cannot be separated from production factors such as labor force, capital, land and technology. Under the condition of market economy, certain money must be paid to obtain these factors, and this monetary reward will form the primary distribution income of all factors providers. Employees of the enterprise to obtain overtime remuneration belongs to the initial distribution. According to the principle of fairness and efficiency with emphasis on fairness, the government conducts redistribution through taxation and social security expenditure, such as providing relief to poor households and disaster victims, collecting personal income tax, inheritance tax and gift tax. The government provides subsistence allowances to poor families and applies for student loans for students from poor families, which are the second allocation.

      (iv) Registration confirmation and online payment. Has passed the qualification review staff, need to download the print and fill in the hebi city straight authority in 2020, "open selection of civil servants for a list of the recommended (A4 paper, see annex 2) 2 copies, for use when interview is confirmed, and in 2020 on August 25, before 17:00, logon to the website written examination fee pay 30 yuan per person per division (enter oneself for an examination personnel need to bring your own to use my name unionpay CARDS, functionality and deposit enough to pay the bank on enlightened net amount), failure to pay cost, be deemed abandoned automatically. (v) The proportion of the examination and the change of job application. The ratio of the number of applicants for each post to the number of candidates to be selected shall be no less than 3:1. If the ratio fails to meet the requirement, the proposed selection plan of the post shall be reduced or the position shall be cancelled accordingly. The information of the positions to be cut or cancelled shall be published on the selection website. The organization Department of the Municipal Party Committee shall, before August 26, 2020, inform applicants to reapply for other posts if the proposed posts are cancelled.  Please keep the communication smooth and pay attention to the announcement of the personnel Department website. The interview. The interview mainly examines the applicant's ideological and moral character, physical and mental health, professional image, professional ability and quality, academic research level, career development potential, etc. The interview consists of two parts: leaderless group discussion and structured interview. The proportion of each part in the interview results shall be used to determine the candidates for physical examination. The physical examination candidate shall attend the physical examination (including reexamination) at the designated time and hospital. Those who do not take the physical examination are regarded as giving up their qualifications automatically. The physical examination methods and standards are in accordance with the Implementation Rules of Physical Examination for Public Institutions in Guangdong Province (trial) (Guangdong People's Society development)  

      Job reselection will take the form of on-the-spot registration. Applicants should fill in the Application Form for Reapplying for Posts in 2020 for Public Selection of Civil servants by Municipal Direct Authorities of Hebi City (Annex 3), submit payment certificate, their id card and other relevant documents (original and 2 copies), and go to the designated place to reapply for posts before 17:00 on August 27, 2020. Applicants are not allowed to re-register for posts that have been announced to be cancelled. If the applicant fails to reapply for the post as required, he/she shall be deemed to have voluntarily given up and the written examination fee paid shall be refunded. This selection, the qualification examination work runs through in the selection examination the whole process. The information and relevant materials submitted by the applicants must be true and valid, and the letter of commitment of good faith signed at the time of registration. Where found candidates Before signing up, candidates should carefully read the relevant announcement and sign the letter of commitment in good faith, submitted application information should be comprehensive, true, accurate and effective. Before the interview, on-site qualification examination will be conducted on the personnel who have been confirmed for the interview. Those who fail the qualification examination shall not attend the interview. The applicant shall bear all the consequences caused by misreporting, misreporting the position or providing false application information. 4. Payment: after the online registration is approved, each student should pay 30 yuan for each subject, and 60 yuan for the two subjects in total. Online payment can be made using the bank card supported by UnionPay online payment system or the industrial and commercial bank card with online payment function. Failure to pay the fee on schedule shall be deemed as an automatic waiver.  As a result, in the 2012 and 2020 editions of the undergraduate major catalogue, "Visual Communication Design" and "digital media Art" are both the second-level disciplines under the first-level discipline "Design" and belong to different majors. "Issued by Ministry of Education undergraduate course specialized catalogue in 1987, 1993, 1998, 2012, 4 times revision (in 2020 the fifth amendment), art design, art design, decoration art design), and my professional art and design (media art design), has been designed for primary subjects' learning class 'consists of the secondary discipline, three major is parallel to the secondary discipline, not the people club bureau explained, art design is a major categories, contains all of the art design major." KeWenDi believes that city bureau internal document "about the qualification of the second half of 2017" in the art design has made a professional directory obviously is not consistent with the Ministry of Education promulgated explanation, optional on expanding our scope of professional jobs, do not tally with the recruitment notice requirements, but became the county bureau on the basis of the only qualification to make the review result is not consistent with what recruitment announcement. 

      During the qualification review, the applicant shall provide the following materials: the original and copy of his/her valid resident identity card; The original and photocopy of the diploma (degree); Written examination admission ticket; Online registration qualification examination form; 2 2-inch color photos with the same background as online registration; Relevant certification materials of entry requirements; A certificate of approval issued by the competent authority having jurisdiction over personnel management. The personnel who have passed the medical examination shall be inspected. The inspection work shall be carried out by the selected and transferred units and their competent departments. The authorities (units) to which the objects of investigation belong shall actively support and cooperate with the work of the investigation group, and objectively and truly reflect the actual conditions of the objects of investigation. The candidates to be selected shall be published on the guchi District government website after being studied and approved by the district leading group for public selection and transfer. The period of publicity is 5 working days. If there is no problem or the problem does not affect the selection of the transfer upon the expiration of the publicity period, the transfer formalities shall be handled according to the regulations; Those who report serious problems and have solid evidence shall be disqualified for selection and transfer. Applicants who have been cancelled may apply for other posts from 10:00 to 16:00 on August 21. The admission ticket shall be issued if the qualification examination is qualified. The admission ticket can be collected from 8:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30 on August 28, 2020 in Room 401, Personnel Management Department, Institution, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Those who fail to collect the goods after the deadline will be given up automatically. Written test subjects: Public Basic Knowledge (main contents: common sense of politics, economy, law, humanities, management, national conditions, etc.), judgment and reasoning, speech understanding and expression, writing. Full score: 120.   Applicants must present their registered ID number  


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