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          "Celebrate the New Year" seems like a soap opera for the biggest families in South-east Asia and Latin America, with no end in sight. You can imagine all the "moat gate" gossip that has ever happened or will happen in this family. Then, the appearance search the whole network, summed up the following several "wonderful" article, to help us systematically understand the "Chongqing Year" story. In case you can't find a place to "catch up" when the sequel comes along. A 28-year-old acrobat in Hohhot died on August 9 after suffering head injuries after falling from an 8-meter high prop. The circus offered to pay $500,000 for the deceased's brother, who said his brother was divorced and had a 3-year-old daughter to support, too little. Now the hospital still owes more than thirty thousand dollars, people are still in the morgue, the death certificate can't be opened. According to the economic conditions of Hushi, it is to pay a little more than one million yuan. . At present, the specific compensation is still under negotiation.

       After the early opening of the market on Tuesday, the movement of all stock indexes was relatively stable. Driven by some strong stocks in the recent period, they stepped out of the pattern of breakthrough. However, they were all broken and broken, and remained in a persistent state. After 14:00 in the afternoon, gold, brokerages and other began to dive, and finally brought the index fell. From the trend of the market on Tuesday, the main features are as follows: first, the stock index to dive general trend; Second, the market is not hot, almost all in the dive sinking; The third is to the north of the capital can be called a day, the big plunge big buy. The market as a whole on Tuesday is not under pressure to break the pattern of diving. Tuesday night's news was dominated by slightly bearish news. First, RMB loans increased by 992.7 billion yuan in July, down by 63.1 billion yuan year on year and down by 45% month-on-month. Social financing increased by 1.69 trillion yuan, 406.8 billion yuan more than that of the same period last year, a sharp drop of 50% month-on-month. The broad money supply (M2) grew by 10.7 percent year on year, 0.4 percentage points slower than at the end of last month. Second, the second batch of industry standards, including 5G and the next generation of mobile communications, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other industry standards, will be revised and translated in foreign languages in 2020. Third, in July 2020, the total shipments of the domestic mobile phone market reached 223.01 million units, down 34.8 percent year-on-year.  The rich summit and forum have brought more in-depth and professional content support to both exhibitions, presenting the proper appearance of professional exhibitions in details. Behind the rich conference and forum setting, shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center is strong. Hard power & throughout; He gave perfect support. The standard exhibition hall with a single area of 20,000 square meters and a clear height of 16 meters will provide exhibitors with the maximum flexibility to arrange the exhibition space. The single-storey, column-free and large-span exhibition halls can be flexibly combined to meet the needs of exhibitions of various sizes. The convention and Exhibition Center is equipped with more than 150 conference Spaces of various types, rich functions and complete equipment, with a total area of 34,000 square meters. It is arranged in the three areas of standard exhibition hall, super large exhibition hall, special exhibition hall and login hall according to the principle of proximity and classification, to adapt to conferences and activities of different sizes, levels and levels, allowing two events. The exhibition will take place during the exhibition. The large-scale exhibition can be fully held space, enjoy professional conference facilities, and further enhance the exhibition experience.  

      △ Representative and witness guests (from left to right: Xi Rongqing, Li Ke, Cheng Zhizhong, Wang Enmin, Liu Xiguang, Yu Lei, CAI Jiangnan, Liu Xihua) Hansen has a lot of ideas about rural revitalization, and often "writes the title" for the science and technology academy. Onion harvest is just one part of xiaoheia's revitalization. Zheng is also working with Zhang Hongxu, from the Xindian School at China Agricultural University, on a study of rural smart management under the guidance of his teacher. "The countryside needs a lot of open-minded, educated, knowledgeable people, technology to support it," Hansen said. Science and technology courtyard is very good, I hope they are long-term, responsible, not afraid of hardship, really into the rural governance. Don't float!" Since 2009, China Agricultural University and related units have set up 127 science and technology academies in 26 provinces and regions, covering dozens of crops and industries, and compiled 276 sets of training materials for farmers, contributing to poverty alleviation and income increase, transformation of development mode and promotion of rural cultural construction, Zhang said. On Monday, the market opened slightly lower, but after a brief period of sharp fluctuations, the weighted sectors began to gain strength, especially the financial, infrastructure and other blue-chip stocks, driving the stock indexes higher in minor turbulence, including the Shanghai composite index hit the round level of 3,400 points. The gem index also turned red for a while. From the trend of the market on Monday, the main features are as follows: first, the stock index continues to differentiate, the main board trend is strong; Second, the hot spot of the market or focus on the plate and a small number of stocks; Third, the inflow and outflow of funds to the North is basically flat. The market as a whole was a tentative breakout on Monday. Monday night's news was mostly neutral. First, in July 2020, the CPI rose 2.7% year on year. From January to July, consumer prices rose 3.7 percent from a year earlier. Second, since August, the domestic rare earth market price has continued to rise. The domestic price of light rare earth praseodymium and neodymium has risen considerably. The prices of medium and heavy rare earth markets of holmium and terbium have risen somewhat, while the rare earth market prices are rising continuously. Third, private equity positions rose for a second week in a row to their highest level in nearly four years, second only to the level in 2015 on record. As of July 31, the equity private placement index as a whole was 76.29 percent.   

      On Sunday, Aramco President and CHIEF Executive Ali Nasser argued that Asian oil demand would rebound as economies gradually opened up. Iraq said on Friday it would cut output by an additional 400,000 b/d in August and September to make up for overproduction over the past three months. The move will help Iraq meet its share of output cuts set out in an agreement between the Organization of The Petroleum Exporting Countries and its Allies OPEC+. Both the Swiss franc and the Swiss franc rose to one-week highs as a stalemate in the U.S. Congress over the next stimulus package remained unresolved. The Canadian dollar led gains among The G-10 currencies as oil prices rose, with the euro and Swiss franc at the bottom. The G-7 currency volatility index.VIX closed at its lowest level this month.   Cui zhenling thanked the University Party Committee, leaders at all levels, teachers and students of the school for their trust and support. He indicated that he would do a good job in three aspects in the future: first, to explore and innovate, further refine the characteristics of disciplines and specialties, highlight characteristics and strengthen advantages, promote the win-win situation of multi-discipline cooperation, and form new ideas for the future development of the school. Second, continue to mobilize the enthusiasm of all faculty and staff, steadily promote the college work, give full play to the collective role of the leadership, wholeheartedly for the teachers and students service, together with the whole faculty and staff, so that the college's various construction has made new achievements. Third, we should learn from teachers with an open mind and carry out our work more effectively. Focusing on the tasks in the next stage of the school, we should plan the finishing work of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the opening work of the 14th five-year Plan, so as to promote the better development of all the work of the School.  

          Taiwan's Central News Agency, United News Network and other media reported that Ma ying-jeou was invited by civil society groups to deliver a speech on "Cross-strait relations and Taiwan's security" in the afternoon. In a recent interview with foreign media, Mr Ma said That If Taiwan is attacked, the mainland will pay a heavy price, and that Taiwan hopes the rest of the world will support Taiwan after the first wave of attacks.

      Zhu believes he can change the face of the countryside. "My family is also from the countryside," he says. "Before I went to college, I didn't know the difference between the countryside and the city was so great. Returning from Baizhai Science and Technology Academy, I went to another science academy, in Xiaohefa Village, Changziying Town, Daxing District, Beijing, which is quite different from the countryside of Quzhou in Hebei. Wang Chong, a fellow professor at China Agricultural University, said that Since Xiaohefa had been converted to forestry for commercial use, Mr. Hansen, the village party secretary, was a visionary person born in the 1980s. Hanson was big and loud, and even a pair of square, regular glasses could not stop him. He yearns for young people to come back and build the countryside, but he is also afraid of young people "floating". In the temporary office of epidemic prevention at the entrance to the village, he made no secret of his initial misgivings about the teachers and students of the agricultural University.  Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the health ministry has registered a new coVID-19 vaccine for the first time in Russia, xinhua reported. His daughter has been vaccinated and is feeling well, and hopes to start mass production in the near future. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that the vaccine was developed by the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of Gamalia, using adenovirus as the carrier. "The vaccine has passed the necessary tests, and it can fully and effectively function and produce antibodies stably," putin said, according to the website of the Russian President. At least 26 coVID-19 vaccines are being developed by 17 research institutes in Russia, with the gamaliya Center making the fastest progress, Russian media reported. The phase 1 and 2 clinical trials of the vaccine at gamaliya center ended on July 15 and August 3, respectively, meeting the safety and efficacy standards of the Russian vaccine. "I don't think the underlying, fundamental, positive rationale for gold has gone away," Tom Fitzpatrick, group technical strategist, said by phone. Once that momentum lags, we could consolidate for a while, but we still think we could get back to $2,400 by year end." Decision analysis: still in shock! Gold flash crash near $130, hasn't peaked yet? Joe Biden's choice of vice presidential running mate: the first AsiAn-American Measures and Suggestions: Early screening of abnormal blood sugar population, lifestyle intervention, active prevention of diabetes. Patients with diabetes should take medicine as prescribed by doctors and control all indicators within the normal range. Meanwhile, changes in their cognitive function should be closely monitored. Recommended reasons: To maintain a healthy lifestyle, rational drug use, maintain a good state of the cerebrovascular system, and avoid atherosclerosis, cerebral hypoperfusion or other cerebrovascular diseases; Patients with stroke, especially those with cerebral microhemorrhage, should be closely monitored for changes in their cognitive function, and effective preventive measures should be taken to protect their cognitive function. Measures and Suggestions: middle-aged and elderly susceptible people should control the risk factors of cerebrovascular diseases, such as smoking, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, etc., through changes in drugs and lifestyle. Cerebrovascular disease patients should be actively prevented and treated.

      However, Mr Dimon said he was encouraged by signs that the spread of the epidemic was slowing in some states and that the US would finally contain it. He thinks the US will eventually win the war, and predicts that unemployment will fall to around 7 per cent or less by 2021. Analysts believe that the two parties on the stimulus policy negotiations in the United States after a series of twists and turns, now still in a stalemate, affecting the economic recovery. Experts also question whether Mr. Trump can successfully implement his executive order and whether it will go far enough. Taken together, and given the persistence of the epidemic, the road to economic recovery in the United States remains difficult. The dollar has fallen since late May and there have been recent signs of a stabilizing rebound, but the scope for a rebound may remain limited and investors need to be wary.   August 10, & LDquo; 2020 China Unicorn Carnival. Press conference through tianjiu Sharing Group independent research and development, 700,000 entrepreneurs business group & LDquo; Tianjiu boss cloud. APP online. Wang Min, executive Vice President and secretary General of China Business Federation, Ma Bin, Full-time Vice President of China Small and Medium Enterprises Association, Li Xiaojun, vice President of China Industrial Development Promotion Association, And Ge Jun, global CEO of Tianjiu Sharing Group, attended the press conference and focused on the upcoming & LDQuo; 2020 China Unicorn Carnival. And the media and friends from all walks of life launched an in-depth exchange. Widely noticed & LDQuo; 2020 China Unicorn Carnival. Finally, the mystery is solved.  A 28-year-old acrobat in Hohhot died on August 9 after suffering head injuries after falling from an 8-meter high prop. The circus offered to pay $500,000 for the deceased's brother, who said his brother was divorced and had a 3-year-old daughter to support, too little. Now the hospital still owes more than thirty thousand dollars, people are still in the morgue, the death certificate can't be opened. According to the economic conditions of Hushi, it is to pay a little more than one million yuan. . At present, the specific compensation is still under negotiation.

       , with unique hedging function. One of the main reasons for gold's rally was the rise in risk aversion as the epidemic stalled economies overseas. With the rapid development of coVID-19 vaccine, the market has become more optimistic about the prevention and control of coVID-19 overseas, and risk aversion has been suppressed. The price of gold immediately plunged.) According to precious metals analyst Xue Na, the short-term rapid rise of more than 13% since gold broke through the intensive range on July 21. The short-term excessive rise and the need for long positions to take profits are the main reasons for the recent decline in gold prices. "In addition, the number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases in the US has been on a recent downward trend, as the improving epidemic has reduced the demand for safe haven. "Recent economic data from the U.S. has also been better than expected, and the improving economy has also reduced the demand for safe haven." Sierra is introduced, and the last round of bailout plan to expire at the end of July, a new round of bailout plan has failed to reach a agreement, both parties the President of the United States signed an executive order additional trump unemployment benefits, but the total scale is not large, the United States failed to continue to a large number of water rescue, has certain negative influence for gold, but the impact is relatively small. Decision analysis: still in shock! Gold flash crash near $130, hasn't peaked yet? Joe Biden's choice of vice presidential running mate: the first AsiAn-American    


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