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            Our warships are anchored off the coast of Africa. It was cool during the day and the sea was blowing with cool wind. But in the evening, the hot air like a fire blew from the Sahala desert, and the weather suddenly changed and became sultry. Before sunset, the captain went to the deck and yelled, "swim!" so the sailors immediately dived into the water, put down their rucksacks, tied them up, and practiced swimming in them. A child chased his partner at first, but then fell behind. The boy's father, an old gunner, stood on the deck looking at his beloved son happily. When he saw that his son began to fall behind, he yelled to encourage his son: "don't be discouraged! Try harder!"  

      Recently, Aunt Liu has lost several teeth. Her speech is leaking and eating is difficult. She is always teased when chatting with old friends in the community. Aunt Liu was angry, so she called Xiaolan to complain and said that she must have some gold teeth inlaid. After hearing this, Xiaolan couldn't laugh or cry, so she asked Aunt Liu to go to the hospital in the county town to inlay, and there was no need to worry about the cost. Aunt Liu went to the county town the next day. Aunt Liu inlaid four gold teeth, two front teeth, and the two inside, which cost thousands. After inlaying her teeth, Aunt Liu can't wait to find her old man. She grins when she speaks. Don't be complacent. That day, Aunt Liu was chatting with the old fellows when she suddenly stopped. She misspelled several words and her head twitched slightly, which was very strange. It turned out that the good time was not long. Aunt Liu's problems of leaking air and blurring her tongue before inlaying her teeth all came back, and they became more and more serious. From then on, Aunt Liu always felt strange in her mouth, and her teeth chattered when she spoke. She was often dizzy, which made her unwilling to talk more and sullen all day. Sanitary environment is the "face" of a city, a direct reflection of the civilization level of a city, and is more related to the production and life of the people. According to the evaluation standard of Chuangwen, Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone started from the most difficult part of the "bone" and focused on the market and its surrounding areas, environment, and non motor vehicles parking and leaving randomly. From July 15 to August 4, the traffic management branch of Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone reported 8186 cases of illegal parking, 513 vehicles towed and more than 80 sets of "zombie vehicles". Since its establishment, Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Construction Management Bureau has actively organized market-oriented service companies to carry out rectification of major and secondary trunk roads, back streets, alleys and other areas under its jurisdiction, investigated the accumulated domestic waste and construction waste, and carried out centralized treatment, so as to ensure that the standards of no littering, no sanitary life and death angle, and no accumulated garbage are met Jiaxiu South Road and other roads carried out the bare treatment work, pruned 78000 square meters, cleaned up more than 20 vehicles of weeds and dead branches in the green belt, and replanted more than 130 roadside trees and 36 shrubs such as Cinnamomum camphora and Osmanthus fragrans on Zhujiang Road, Changjiang Road, Zhuxian road and zhongcao road    Other numbers refer to the numbers starting from 950, 951, 952, 954 and 957. They are the numbers used by value-added telecom enterprises such as call centers to carry out business. The number length is generally 8 digits (some are 5-digit or 6-digit, and some old numbers are longer than 8-digit). There may be calls from normal enterprises (such as express companies) or bad enterprises, which need to be judged by users themselves.

         Stephenson is a Norwegian. In the early 20th century, he proposed to cross the Arctic Ocean to explore the Arctic without enough food and fuel. At that time, many people thought it was crazy nonsense, and warned him: if you do, you must starve to death on the way. Whether or not he would starve to death? Stephenson himself could not reach a conclusion. However, the determination to uncover the secrets of the Arctic and the unique courage of an expedition scientist prompted him to practice it in person. So, he and two brave companions, with weapons and ammunition to the North Pole. The Arctic Ocean is a magical floating ice world. Some of them are as small as football, some as big as an island; some are only inches thick, some are more than 100 feet thick. These large and small pieces of ice drift around the sea all day long, hitting each other and sometimes making a loud noise. Once upon a time, there lived two brothers in a city in Persia. The elder brother's name was gossimu, and the younger brother's name was Ali Baba. After the death of their father, they each got a limited amount of property, separated their families and made a living. Before long, the money was gone, and life became more and more difficult. In order to solve the problem of food and clothing, the two brothers had to work hard day and night. Ali Baba married the daughter of a poor family, and the couple lived a poor life. Except for a broken house, there are only three donkeys. Ali Baba makes a living by selling firewood. He drives his donkeys to the jungle to cut firewood every day, and then carries them to the market to sell them, so as to maintain a living. One day, Ali Baba drove three donkeys up the mountain to cut firewood. He collected the dead trees and firewood that he had cut down and tied them into a pack for the donkey to carry. When the firewood was ready to go down the mountain, a cloud of smoke and dust appeared in the distance. It was flying up to the sky and rolled towards him, and it was getting closer and closer. When he got close, he could see that it was a horse team, which was rushing in this direction. 

      According to the construction guide, by 2021, a data security standard system for the telecommunications and Internet industry will be initially established, the data security management requirements will be effectively implemented, the industry's data security protection needs will be basically met, the application of standards in key enterprises and key fields will be promoted, and more than 20 data security industry standards will be developed. The "construction guide" puts forward the framework of data security standard system in telecommunication and Internet industry, and the key standardization fields and directions of data security, specifically including four categories of standards: basic generality, key technology, security management and key fields. The Ministry of industry and information technology has given a little formula: "365, don't worry about it; 110, listen carefully; for other numbers, you should distinguish" and "365"; It refers to the number starting from 953, 955 and 956. The number length is 5 or 6 digits. They are customer service numbers used by influential large enterprises in banking, securities, insurance, aviation, logistics (express), oil, railway and electric power industries, and can be answered with confidence. 110 refers to the public service number 95110 of the marine police, which has been put into use at present.       

      Sun Zhi  &Nowadays, the drug trade is spreading from offline to online, which brings difficulties to the public security organs in investigating and handling cases. &"Huang Zhaobo said that in today's Internet era, anti drug police use big data three-dimensional, dynamic and professional research and judgment clues to effectively crack down on drug-related cases. Data shows that in the first half of this year, Xifeng County cracked 11 drug-related crimes, an increase of 10% compared with the same period last year; 14 drug suspects were arrested, with a year-on-year increase of 16.67%; 135 drug addicts were investigated and dealt with, an increase of 42.11%. At the same time, it assisted Zhijin Public Security Bureau to crack down on the provincial target case "2019-67" and arrested 12 drug suspects and seized 1308.54 grams of drugs.   

        Asthmatic bronchitis is a special type of infantile bronchitis in infancy. This disease is on the basis of bronchitis aggravation, infants with asthma suffocation disease. Therefore, in addition to fever, cough, expectoration and other symptoms of bronchitis, its main characteristics are wheezing, poor breath and inspiration. Such children are often allergic constitution, with infantile eczema, allergic rhinitis, or parents have allergic history. Symptoms similar to asthma appear soon after the onset of the disease, low fever, irritating allergic cough, wheezing aggravating when crying, wheezing sounds can be heard in both lungs, and can often occur repeatedly. With the small  The school is next to the church outside the village. When Philip walked in his village, the dogs ignored him because they knew him. But when he approached a yard in another village, a dog came out of the yard. He barked and there was a big wolf dog behind him. Philip ran away and the dog ran after him. Cried Philip, tripping and falling. At this time, an adult came out of the yard and drove the dog away. He said to him, "Philip didn't say a word. He lifted up his coat and ran away.". He ran all the way to school. There was no one at the gate of the school. The sound of children reading inside could be heard here. Philip was afraid: "will the teacher drive me away?" he thought to himself what to do. Go back, the dog will bite him again; go to school, and be afraid of the teacher.  

        However, the geriatric scooter, also known as "laolaolaole", is not included in the C1 driver's license. I believe that many friends have seen the elderly scooter, this type of car is very popular with the elderly. If you are caught driving such a vehicle, you will be driving without a license. If you drive a motor vehicle without a motor vehicle driver's license, or drive a motor vehicle during the period of suspension or suspension, or hand over the motor vehicle to a person who has not obtained a motor vehicle driver's license or whose motor vehicle driving license has been revoked or suspended, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall impose a fine of not less than 200 yuan but not more than 2000 yuan He was also punished with 15 days' detention. Finally, there are motorcycles. Many C1 license holders mistakenly believe that they can drive motorcycles after they have a C1 license. But you know, motorcycles now have their own exclusive license. Sun Zhi  Hao's wife is sharp and smooth, which is obviously a bunch of nonsense. But from her words, di Renjie understands that she believes in karma and the theory of hell. Then he put Hao's wife in prison and made a plan to tell the servants to act according to the plan. At the third watch of that night, a gust of wind blew into the prison, and Hao's wife woke up from her sleep. Two little ghosts put iron chains around her neck and held her to a gloomy hall. The ghosts on both sides were ferocious and were waving their teeth and claws. In the middle of the hall was the king of hell. Hao's wife was scared out of her wits at the scene. He yelled at his wife. It's not the case yet Hao's wife kowtowed to beg for mercy and confessed from the truth.

      In 1953, after Ye Shengtao's word for word approval, Xinhua dictionary was published by people's education press. In 1957, Xinhua dictionary was published by the commercial press. Since then, it has been published by the commercial press. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, there was an urgent need for a small practical dictionary. Xinhua dictionary is just in line with this requirement. It uses vernacular to explain and give examples in vernacular. It is easy to understand and has made great contributions to the work of "literacy". In articles published by the media in the past years, it has been mentioned that in the 1970s, the editor of Xinhua Dictionary received a letter from a reader, saying that because he did not know how to distinguish between the male and female geese, he specially looked up the entry in Xinhua dictionary before killing geese.  i see! ——And there's nothing I can do about it. Tom and I are going to sleep in one room and one bed. So, since we were sleepy, we just had dinner, said good night and went upstairs to sleep. Then he climbed out of the window, slid down the pole, and ran up the town, because I didn't expect anyone to tell the king or the Duke. So if I can't hurry up and give them a letter, they'll have an accident. On the way, Tom told me how people thought I had been murdered, how my father disappeared soon and never came back; how Jim had caused a shock when he escaped; every single thing he had told me. I told Tom about the two hooligans performing "the Royal beast" and the whole process of drifting on the raft and so on. Because there is not much time, we can only talk about it. When we got to the town, we went straight to the center of the town - it was eight thirty at that time - and saw a large group of people coming like the tide, holding torches, roaring and shouting all the way, pounding the tin pot and blowing the horn. We jumped aside and let everyone pass. As the procession passed, the king and the Duke were riding on a horizontal bar - in fact, it was just that I think it was the king and the Duke, because they were all painted and covered with feathers, and they were no longer human beings. At first glance, they looked like the ferocious and terrible feathers worn by two soldiers. Ah, it makes me sick to see this. These two poor hooligans, I really feel sorry for them, as if from now on, I can no longer hate them.  Do what you say. Last year, Shilong village synchronous well-off village working group and village Party branch visited Guizhou Yihe garden science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. for many times, and both sides reached the intention of "developing flower and seedling industry to help rural revitalization". Closely linked to the strategy of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, Shilong village has put forward the development idea of building a rural tourism demonstration park integrating agricultural tourism, agricultural product production and sales, and ethnic cultural heritage, with the party building as the guide, the goal of "ecological stone dragon, rich and beautiful homeland" and the brand of "flying stone dragon and fragrant melon and fruit".

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