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      The relevant person in charge of agriculture NongCunBu said that current, each district is organization submersion in agricultural machinery spare no efforts in disaster relief, at the same time to carry out early rush in the harvest, late rice rob, autumn grain field management, such as production, promoting application of animal husbandry, aquaculture and agricultural mechanization of pretreating and other new technology and new equipment, to firmly seize the annual grain harvest, pays special attention to the livestock like pigs and other major agricultural products and stable yield for mechanized provide strong support.    To provide important information support for promoting high-quality development. At present, China's economy is in a critical period of transforming the development pattern, optimizing the economic structure and transforming the driving force of growth. Only by finding out the basic national conditions such as total population, structure and distribution in a timely manner, and understanding the structure of human resources, can we more accurately grasp the demand structure, urban and rural structure, regional structure and industrial structure, and provide strong support for promoting high-quality economic development and building a modern economic system. Li Xiaochao: Since the State Council issued the Notice on the Implementation of the Seventh National Population Census, all regions and departments have worked hard to overcome the impact of COVID-19 and actively promoted the preparations for the census in accordance with the unified deployment of the Leading group of the State Council's population census. Preparations for the seventh national census are progressing smoothly. The establishment of census institutions at all levels, the basic implementation of funds and materials for census, the successful completion of comprehensive trials across the country, and the orderly development of census zoning and household registration have laid a solid foundation for the census registration on November 1.  

       Since its opening, Boya Art Space has invited many famous cultural figures including Wang Haihong, Xie Xiangnan, Hu Hongxia and Tu Qiao to hold "Liberal Arts Lectures", "Special Zone Literature", "Deep Poetry Reading", "Page by page Tour of the Dragon - Zhang Xiaodong's Works exhibition", "Man and Nature - Wang Tianyang's Exhibition" and other activities. According to introducing, liberal art space constructed the "humanistic reading + art teaching aesthetic + culture" the complex cultural exchange experience space, to has 40 years history of "boiling" brand as the core, to read, in the multicultural state as the carrier, in the activities of public culture platform, to provide logistics enterprise, employees and the general public cultural services. On April 7, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released its 2019 list of international patent applications, showing seven Shenzhen-based companies among the top 50. Huawei topped the list for the third year in a row, with Ping An Technology ranking 8th and Tencent 43rd. Only by establishing its own ecological system can an enterprise survive and thrive from big to strong. Through ecological empowerment, HAT is expanding its circle of friends. Ma huateng once said that the Internet ecology is from "a tree" to "a forest." Tencent began to implement the opening strategy in 2010, and gradually formed an open ecology from "big tree" to "forest" in a "decentralized" way. Tencent has so far developed into three types of ecology, including 2C (consumer side) for individual users, 2B (enterprise side) for service entity partners, and investment company eco-partners. In terms of the industrial Internet, which Tencent attaches most importance to in recent years, the number of partners has exceeded 7,000 by 2019. In January 2020, Tencent invested more than 800 enterprises in total, more than 70 of which have been listed, and more than 160 of which are unicorns with a market value or a valuation of more than $1 billion. In the industry, Ping An has the name of "Unicorn land". In the hurun Global Unicorn 2020 List, ping An's Luisu, Ping An Medical Science and Technology and Ping An Learning Group are listed. Other unicorns raised by Ping An include Ping An Good Doctor, China's largest Internet medical and health service platform, and China's leading business technology cloud service platform, Enterprise Finance Yijintong, etc. Last year, a consortium of Huawei, Ping An and Tencent won the bid to build a smart city and a "digital government" project in Yantian District. In the next three years, this "super team" composed of the "three giants" of science and technology of deep enterprises will be landed in Yantian, helping yantian district to build an international first-class smart city model. The earnings report was also closely watched by investors. Berkshire's cash reserves stood at a record $146.6 billion at the end of the second quarter; Of that, cash and equivalents held by its insurers and other companies rose to $142.8bn, up from $124.7bn at the end of March. Mr. Buffett sold a net $12.8 billion of shares in the second quarter, including his airline holdings in April. Flush with cash, Buffett chose to buy back company shares in the second quarter. The results showed that Berkshire spent about $5.1 billion to buy back Class A and Class B common shares in the second quarter, about three times the amount bought back in the first quarter, A record for A single quarter. Total buy-backs in the first half totaled nearly $6.8 billion. In addition, recently, the company's second largest stock bank of America, buffett continued to add positions. Since July 20, Buffett has increased his stake in bank of America several times, buying $2.07 billion in three weeks and taking his stake to nearly 12 percent, according to SECURITIES and Exchange Commission data.

           "Once" means "one shot," and "technology" means "skill." This term in the Japanese language. Frequently used in the Chinese variety show "the Serious Gagmen" that features some popular comedians, The term refers to the skill of making people laugh with a few brief words, moves or facial expressions.

         Wu stressed that the creation of a civilized city is not a matter of a department, but a common matter of all units in the district, the public, we should continue to mobilize volunteers, drive the participation of the public, extensive mobilization, forming a joint force; Volunteer organizations continue to carry out the "Red Vest walking Pingshan" series of volunteer services, to guide and correct uncivilized behaviors, so that citizens can cultivate civilized habits and fundamentally help the construction of urban civilization. To match the standards and tables, to put the service of creative writing and will in place, and do a good job of materials and recruitment guarantee.  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Mechanization of Animal Husbandry and the Opinions on Accelerating the Mechanization of Facility Planting. Data show that 77,000 sets of livestock machinery were purchased with subsidies, a doubling of the previous year. We carried out subsidies for greenhouses on a trial basis in 13 provinces to support the production and supply of vegetables during the epidemic prevention and control period. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance have included seven types of characteristic hilly and mountainous products, including tea color sorting machine, tea conveyor, tea flattening machine, fruit tree trimmer, edible fungus bottling (bag) machine, orchard rail transport machine and straw collector, into the scope of national subsidies to support the development of agricultural mechanization in poor areas. Since March, agricultural machinery manufacturers have stepped up efforts to resume production. The main indicators for the production and sales of agricultural machinery enterprises above designated size have turned from downward to overall recovery, and the industry has picked up significantly. The output of major agricultural machinery products has picked up, and the production and sales of high-horsepower tractors, wheat harvesters, corn harvesters and rice transplanters have all achieved positive growth.

      Located in the most eastern end of the city, South Australia, surrounded by the sea on three sides, beautiful scenery, but is located in the remote, weak infrastructure. With world-class binhai eco-tourism resort dapeng new area to speed up the construction and the global ocean concentrated load center city district, south Australia horn sounded the charge at the beginning of this year, to build a world-class coastal eco-tourism resort area, "do fine micro" projects of the people's livelihood, real micro practical and effective to improve the livelihood of the people "is one of the important tasks of 60 this year. At present, 213 projects have been fully rolled out. Walking in the streets and lanes of South Australia, the fresh wind blows in my face. The fire escape on the "inner circle" road of the Residents' group in Sheung Heng Gang, XINTa Community, which used to be completely dark, has now been installed with new street lamps to illuminate the residents' peace of mind on their way home. The outdoor fitness equipment plaza at the entrance and exit of pingshanzai residents group is close to the main road, and there are safety hazards when children play. According to the demands of the masses, nan 'ao built a fence with a green slot, which is safe and beautiful, and has won great support from the residents. The 70-year-old old man li ma Yang said with a smile: "guang   Science city in the northeastern area of light light starting area land area of 46000 square meters, the civil engineering project mainly includes the brain and brain big science simulator platform, synthetic biology science device platform, the construction content for the big science experiment equipment and operation platform, as well as scientific research and other related office, conference facilities, build three southern company infrastructure department responsible person said that the building years is expected to achieve the main structure all caps. As the core carrying area of Shenzhen Comprehensive National Science Center, Guangming Science City has a planned area of 99 square kilometers, focusing on the layout of large scientific installation cluster, science and education integration cluster, and science and technology innovation cluster. According to the plan, by 2025, the core functions of a world-class science city will take shape; major science and technology infrastructure clusters will take shape; the development of world-class universities and research institutions will be accelerated; and a number of innovative enterprises with international competitiveness will grow. "Six out of seven burger and sandwich wrappers may not have been PFAS treated," the report said, noting that almost half of 38 food packaging samples from the six chains were positive for fluorine levels, indicating that the packaging contained PFAS. Three paper bags containing McDonald's fries, a Big MAC and cookies, burger King, chicken nuggets and Wendy's burgers were found to contain excessive levels of fluorine. PFAS are chemicals linked to cancer, liver damage, thyroid disease and developmental problems, according to the analysis. Most people are exposed to PFAS through food and drink. Paper food packaging and packaging materials processed by PFAS will eventually enter the human body through contact with contaminated food. PFAS extracted from discarded packaging can still be returned to people through drinking water, food and air, even if the packaging ends up in trash cans or city compost. ) Data from research institutions show that since June, the average land transaction price has declined continuously, and the land supply scale of the country fell in July, with a month-on-month drop of nearly 20%. Experts believe that the regulatory policy upgrading, a number of hot city land market cooling, land market heat is expected to continue to decline in August. "To stabilize the real estate market, shenzhen, Nanjing, Ningbo, Dongguan and other cities tightened their regulation policies in July, taking power from the supply end and reducing the amount of high-quality land coming to the market. In July, the land market heat fell, the land market volume and price retracted, and the premium rate declined compared with that in June. "Said Mari Li, director of market research at Crewe Research. Enter August, land market heat continues to drop. Data from Shell Research Institute show that from August to now, the supply of high-quality land in hot cities has decreased, and the average premium rate of land has been adjusted back. Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen and other first-tier cities to sell land mostly for the bottom price transaction, the premium rate continued to decline. At the same time, hot second-tier cities rarely high premium land transactions. A few third - and fourth-tier cities have ultra-high premium rate of land transactions, but it is difficult to reverse the trend of cooling.

      At 15:00 that afternoon, grid operator Zhen Lichun found an old man who kept looking back and forth on the road while patrolling near the Service station of Janny Garden in Yulv and suspected to be lost. The grid operator immediately stepped forward to inquire about the situation. The old man could not speak Mandarin and could not read, so he could not get effective information. Then, zhen lichun took the old man to the jade law Virginian park appeal service station, and bought drinking water for the old man to quench his thirst and relieve the summer heat. At the same time, he sent the photos of the old man to WeChat group, the third level of the district, and mobilized grid members and residents to help the old man find his family. Grid member Zhang did not see the photo after feel familiar, think is the jade law a district a resident of a building, then quickly contacted the building to verify. In the building director confirmed, grid member Zhang Did not immediately report to the group leader, and through the collection system to find the room with the people fill in the phone number, and their families got in touch. At about 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, the grid operator safely returned the old man to his relatives, the old man's son saw the lost mother came back and kept thanking the grid operator and the chief of the building. The grid operator also repeatedly told him to take care of the old man to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.   In the first quarter, Berkshire had a net loss of nearly $50bn, after accounting for paper losses on its investments. Berkshire took a $10.9 billion impairment charge on assets and goodwill in the second quarter, including a $9.8 billion charge for a maker of precision metal parts. The company was bought by Berkshire in 2016 for $32 billion. But the surge in apple's heavily held stock made investors completely ignore the stock's earlier missteps. Berkshire ended the quarter with a market value of $91.5 billion, up nearly 44% from $63.8 billion at the end of the quarter. It can be seen that Buffett did not significantly increase his holdings of Apple in the second quarter. Berkshire owns American Express with a market value of $14.4 billion, Bank of America with a market value of $22.6 billion and Coca-Cola with a market value of $17.9 billion. 

      It is understood that in order to give full play to the important role of state-owned assets and enterprises in the construction of urban public cultural service system, municipal state-owned Shenzhen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. vigorously develops public cultural service industry and actively promotes the coordinated strategic measures of "culture + park", "culture + science and technology", "culture + finance" and other industries. As an important platform for Shenzhen Investment & Control to promote the development of public cultural undertakings, Shenzhen Shenzhen Investment & Culture Investment Co., Ltd. has fully developed the cultural connotation and influence of the local brand "Boya" in Shenzhen, and comprehensively distributed the cultural space operation business. The first cultural space project and the collaborative demonstration project of the Business of Shenzhen Investment and Control System -- Boya Art space emerged as The Times required. In the Scenic area of Shenzhen Reservoir, walk along the tree-lined path for several hundred meters, and you will see the main entrance of "Shenzhen Art Museum". This art museum is hidden in the park, surrounded by green mountains and water, with a pleasant scenery.  The rules have yet to be officially announced. The New York Times, which first reported on the case, said President Donald Trump has in recent months banned foreign travelers from entering the COUNTRY because of the outbreak, except for U.S. citizens and foreigners with "green CARDS," which are now intended to be restricted. American civil rights groups have declared the move unconstitutional. The official told Reuters the same day that the text of the rules has not yet been finalized and changes are still possible. Under the terms, the Government of the United States shall have the right to prohibit a novel Coronavirus from infecting a United States citizen and a foreign national with permanent residence if there is "reason to believe" that such person may be infected. The New York Times reported that the White House asked federal agencies to submit their feedback on the proposed new rules by 11 days, and it was unclear when they would be approved or published. Reuters does not expect the White House coronavirus task force to begin pushing for the new rules this week, but the schedule could change. 

      A beautiful handwriting of the last letter, written a mother's tenderness and righteousness. "Mother has come to the eve of her sacrifice today because of her resolute struggle against Japanese aggression... My dearest child, my mother taught you by practice, rather than by words." Zhao, 31, died after writing the letter. A rubbing from the title of a military student in Southwest United University records the young students' ambition to tie their fate to the rise and fall of the country. In the eight-year history of southwest Associated University, 14 out of every 100 students rushed to the Anti-Japanese War. The 834 military students recorded in the rubbings are just a silhouette of the young people who are willing to go to the national disaster together.   Registration for the seventh national census will begin on November 1. This is a major survey of national conditions and national strength carried out during the critical period of China's population development. It can provide important information support for the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the promotion of high-quality development, the improvement of the population development strategy and policy system, and the promotion of long-term balanced population development. For the first time in this census, the census objects can be filled in by themselves. Please actively cooperate with the seventh national population census. Provide important information support for the formulation of the 14th five-year Plan. Through population census, we can find out the population quantity, structure and distribution in China, accurately grasp the trend characteristics of population change, and provide scientific and accurate population information support for scientifically formulating the national economic and social development plan during the 14th five-year Plan period. Located in Tanglangcheng Square, Liuxian Avenue, Taoyuan Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, the stable rental housing is available in 172 sets, with a total of 8 types of housing: one room with a floor area of 31-41 square meters, two rooms with a floor area of 58-61 square meters, and three rooms with a floor area of 84-86 square meters. The base rent is about 110 yuan/month ⷠsquare meters. The specific rent for a single apartment is based on the base rent, with slight differences due to the floor, orientation and other factors. The houses are seamlessly connected to Tanglang Station of Line 5. Within 1.5 km, there are many communities, kindergartens, primary schools, junior middle schools and office buildings, with complete supporting facilities for life.