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       Xinhua Photo, Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(3) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan holds up his trophy during the award ceremony on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters Photo by Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(4) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan wins the race in his car on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters    The United States now has more than 5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 160,000 deaths, the highest number in the world. Such figures shocked the American public, many of whom blamed the failure of the epidemic on the POLITICIzation of scientific issues in the United States. It is widely believed in the United States that politicizing the epidemic is a major problem in the FIGHT against the epidemic in the Us. The Washington Post on Wednesday criticized the White House's response to the epidemic, saying that the surge in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States is entirely due to the prevailing political, scientific, and scientific attitude within the White House. This anti-science attitude has led them not only to question the scientific consensus, but also to denigrate experts like Dr. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

      According to the introduction, teachers and students from high-risk areas in other provinces (returning) to guizhou within 14 days before the beginning of each school period shall hold negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days in other provinces or be able to show the health code containing negative nucleic acid test information. Green yard & throughout; , can return to work and school under normal temperature measurement; If the information of negative nucleic acid test cannot be provided, nucleic acid test shall be conducted or medical observation shall be isolated for 14 days. If the test result is negative, students can return to work and go back to school. At the same time, from abroad to guizhou should according to staff and students on the airline passengers in China by COVID - 19 nucleic acid testing negative prove boarding announcement and "about further completes the entry personnel focus on isolation and medical observation nucleic acid testing related work notice requirements, medical observation for nucleic acid detection and isolation, quarantine and physical health can back to school after work and studies. The meeting stressed that style building is an important prerequisite for optimizing the business environment. It is necessary to adhere to the problem-oriented approach, establish a direct feedback mechanism for enterprise problems, continue to focus on key issues, and resolutely. Strong-arm reaction & throughout; To further deepen the rectification of work style; We should focus on the key minority of leading cadres, adhere to the combination of points, lines and surfaces, unblock all kinds of channels, strengthen open and covert investigation, strictly ask questions about accountability and effectiveness, and resolutely do it. Zero tolerance & throughout; ; Keep your focus on key positions. Cut the mustard. We are determined to do our best to ensure that quality and efficient services become the norm. Xinhua Photo, Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(1) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan celebrates at the award ceremony on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters Photo by Reuters, August 10, 2020 (Sports)(2) Racing. & ndash; F1 seventieth Grand Prix: Vestapan (left) celebrates after winning the race on August 9, 2008. Red Bull driver Vestapan of the Netherlands clocked 1 hour 19 minutes 41.993 seconds to win the 70th anniversary Grand Prix of the formula One World Championship at Silverstone. Britain's Lewis Hamilton and Finland's Fernando Botas finished second and third respectively for Mercedes. Xinhua/Reuters Compared with the external environment faced by the previous two rounds of domestic demand expansion, under the impact of the epidemic, China is not only facing negative economic impacts such as the world economic recession, the sharp contraction of international trade and investment, and the turbulence in the international financial market, but also facing problems such as the obstruction of economic globalization. This has posed unprecedented risks and challenges to China's economic development. It is imperative that a new round of expanding domestic demand not only better respond to the challenge of declining external demand, but also better safeguard the security of China's industrial and supply chains, so as to maintain the stable development of China's economy to the maximum extent. Therefore, the task of expanding domestic demand is heavier this time, and it is required to expand domestic demand from short-term response to short-term response and medium - and long-term strategy & other; Now the egg price is very transparent, a piece of eggs wholesale price, in the farm is 170 yuan to 180 yuan, wholesalers wholesale out, generally around 190 yuan, a piece of profit is also between 5 yuan to 10 yuan, basically depends on the amount. Throughout the &; Yang Yang said that last year, a piece of eggs paid 280 yuan, the current price is far from reaching the level at that time. As for whether the price of eggs will continue to rise, the farmer believes that the trend of the egg market this year is largely due to the impact of the epidemic, and is related to the large amount of eggs stored in cold storage, especially from March to the end of May. In the future, whether the price of eggs will rise depends on the quantity of eggs stored in the refrigerator. If the quantity is large, the price of eggs will not go much better.

      As a leading enterprise in advanced equipment manufacturing industry in Guizhou and Guiyang, JANYANG Heavy Industry has been constantly making use of emerging technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to promote intelligent product research and development, intelligent production, intelligent sales and intelligent products themselves. In terms of r & D and innovation, the company aims to become a world-class company. Fine, special, excellent, specialized; The high-end engineering equipment intelligent manufacturing enterprise target, constantly improve the research and development capacity, increase the intensity of innovation. The excavators, polar all-terrain vehicles and other large equipment produced by Zhan Yang Heavy Industry are widely used in emergency rescue, Antarctic scientific research and other fields. & other; The company's products belong to the large equipment, compared with the general equipment, there are more factors to consider, the development is more difficult. Therefore, research and development with the help of advanced technology is very important. Throughout the &; Zhan Yang Heavy Industry Research Institute vice President, senior engineer Tan Linquan said. At the meeting, Wang Qiyun awarded the brand of Kaiyang County Business Service Center, and the attending leaders presented the letter of appointment to The investment ambassador of Kaiyang County. County party committee, the county party committee organization department minister Yang Xionggang read out "of the communist party of China mizar agency and staffing committee of the county on the approval of kaiyang Ann business service center", the county party committee standing committee member and secretary of the county commission for discipline inspection jian-bo xiao conveys the kaiyang business environment rectification work plan, deputy county magistrate Xia Shifei is the kaiyang investment preferential policy for instructions. County line 52 units in charge; The principal persons-in-charge of the Party committee and government of each township (town, street); The main person in charge of the county Business Promotion Bureau and all the staff of Kaiyang County Business Service Center; The main person in charge of three state-owned enterprises affiliated to the county; Representatives of 9 financial institutions; Representatives from 262 enterprises in various fields attended the meeting.  The meeting stressed the importance of fully understanding the central Committee's major judgments on the current and future development situation, and making every effort to develop new opportunities in the face of crisis and emergency situations. We should not relax our efforts to prevent and control the epidemic on a regular basis without any negligence, further enhance nucleic acid testing capacity, and establish a more rigorous prevention and control system. To build on the momentum, seek improvement in stability to do a good job in the second half of the economic work, the implementation of the new development concept, grasp the reality. Six stability & throughout; & other; Six confirmed & throughout; We will resolutely stabilize the basic fundamentals of the economy, ensure that the quality of the economy is high and that government work is well carried out. We will resolutely win overall victory in poverty alleviation and economic and social development and work with the rest of the country to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. To sum up comprehensively. Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; During this period, our province has made historic achievements and accumulated valuable experience, and keenly grasped the important historical opportunity of building a new development pattern with domestic major circulation as the main body and domestic and international double circulation promoting each other, according to & LDquo; The five imperatives; Requirements, from the actual situation of Guizhou, adhere to ask for ideas from the people, listen to the opinions of a wide range of serious compilation & LDQUO; 14 or 15 & throughout; We embarked on a new journey of modernization with a plan for development.

        Li Ruonan is the inheritor of the sunflower handicraft making of the Ewenki nationality. At first, making sunflower was just a hobby for her and her partners. "Then the village started folk tourism and many tourists were interested in our sunflower. And we thought, why don't we make some sunflowers and sell them? This will not only increase our income, but also spread ewenki's national culture." She said. Li Ruonan introduces the meaning of sunflower to tourists on Aug. 3. (Photo by Pandey/Bright) A small sunflower ornament, about 30-40 yuan; It's complicated and can sell for hundreds of dollars. Every time he sells a sunflower, Li Ruonan will make records to comb customers' preferences and write down the most popular one, as well as its design and color matching. The picture shows the sunflower finished products made by the students of the ewenki township handicraft training class in Chabaqi on August 3. (Photo by Pandey/Light) Maoyun Township has a typical subtropical monsoon humid climate, with an annual average temperature of 18℃-23℃, a frost-free period of about 300 days, and an annual precipitation of 1100mm. The soil is fertile, rich in selenium and pollution-free, making it very suitable for eucommia ulmoides planting. Eucommia ulmoides is also called silk cotton skin, silk even skin, with liver and kidney, strong bones, blood pressure, and other functions. In 2018, guizhou Shenghai Ecological Development Co., LTD was introduced into the town and adopted & LDquo; Company + cooperative + peasant households (poor households) Interest linkage mechanism, through & LDQuo; Land transfer + labor. And vigorously promote the construction of eucommia ulmoides planting base to promote the employment of poor families nearby.  

        In spite of the recent intensive research and development of various localities; 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning meetings, but the early planning and research on the matter is much earlier, in some places starting a year or two ago. The preliminary study of the five-year plan for national economic and social development includes basic investigation, information collection, subject research and demonstration of major projects included in the plan, and one of the main tasks is the preliminary investigation. Since the end of 2018, tianjin Municipal Development and Reform Commission has been soliciting opinions from the public and 35 municipal departments. 14 or 15 & throughout; More than 120 topics were selected in the preliminary planning, covering economic development, public services, infrastructure, social undertakings and other aspects. On the basis of this, and draw lessons from the national and related provinces and cities topic selection direction, highlight the new development concept and tianjin characteristics, the final determination of 31 research topics. In early June 2019, Tianjin announced & LDquo; 14 or 15 & throughout; Planning major research topics in the early stage, open to the public to select research units. After strict evaluation by the experts, 30 institutions with great influence at home and abroad and rich research experience in related fields will be determined to undertake the subject research by June 15, 2019. In terms of market share, Sales of Chinese-brand passenger cars reached 585,000 units in July, up 4.5 percent from a year earlier. Market share also recovered for the first time in nearly four months, rising to 35.1 per cent from a low of 33.6 per cent in June. The market share of German and Japanese brands continues to rise, while that of American and Korean brands declines. On the export side, China's automobile exports in July were basically unchanged from the previous month at 62,000 units. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said, if the second half of the overseas epidemic does not recover significantly, then China's automobile export market is still not optimistic. & other; From the historical data, China's car market production and sales in July this year reached a relatively high level of the historical period. Throughout the &; Chen Shihua also reminded the automobile industry, from the development trend of the industry, although this month's production and sales growth momentum is good, but the enterprise terminal inventory growth is obvious, so enterprises should pay attention to the inventory change, to avoid excessive inventory and increase the burden of enterprises. Qingzhen Government affairs Center invested 72,000 yuan to equip all townships (towns and streets) with relevant general office equipment, and dispatched staff to guide each township to set up the standard & LDQUO; The whole city is in general operation. Window. At present, qingzhen city between the township, township (town) between, through all lines of business open. In the process of connecting the service items with GUI 'an New District, Qingzhen city found that the notary service organization has not been established in GUI 'an New District, so enterprises and people within the jurisdiction area need to go to Qingzhen, Huaxi, Pingba and other places for notarial business. It is very inconvenient for the masses to handle affairs, and some tasks cannot be handled within ten days or half a month. Led by the two government affairs centers, The Notary Office of Qingzhen Government Affairs Hall reached an agreement with the judicial department of Guian New District. The Notary Office of Qingzhen City will send someone to set up a notarization window in Guian New District to handle the notarization business of Guian New District. Since May 26, Qingzhen has handled 68 notarization services for Guian New District.  

          The meeting stressed that guiyang should seize the opportunity of national civilized city rectification, efforts to enhance the urban management of high-tech zone, improve the appearance of the park. In view of the situation found by the municipal inspection team, we should resolutely rectify the situation in place, further strengthen the management of violations and disorderly stop, and establish a long-term management mechanism. To continue to power, keep the work drive, help Guiyang city to win the national civilized city. Malaga & throughout; .

      In response to Ms. Zhang's second reaction, on August 10, yanshan Hongzhen people's government replied again: At 3:50 p.m. on August 7, 2020, the staff of our town came to the scene and found that the brick factory had stopped production. One was that the production equipment had been covered by tarp by itself, and the other was that the illegal steel shed workshop had been dismantled by itself. In the future work, our town will conduct regular inspection of this brick factory, strengthen supervision and prevent the occurrence of this kind of situation. Throughout the &; Yanshan Hongzhen people's government reply to the citizens said. Conduct regular inspections and strengthen supervision to prevent such situations. , and Ms. Zhang reported to guiyang City's online political inquiry platform that the factory didn't stop working until after 8 p.m. on August 7. On August 8 and August 10, from 4pm to 8pm, the brick factory was also making bricks as usual. At 8 a.m. on August 11, the brick factory started making bricks again.      Lebanon's diverse sects and armed forces have long divided and corrupted the government. The civil war continued for another 15 years until 1990. The war has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries, its economic losses are incalculable, and hundreds of thousands of people are homeless. There was another big explosion in Beirut in 2005 that shocked the world. The assailants carried out car bombs on the streets, detonating massive amounts of explosives. Hariri and dozens of others were killed. Hariri's tenure of economic stability and relations with the Saudi and French royal families has left Lebanon with a governing legacy that has left its people devastated. More than 200,000 people took to the streets on funeral day to bid farewell.

      Solving the problem at its source is the real end of the story. Pain, Kaiyang county concentrated on a series of weight, there are ldQuo; Dry goods & throughout; Measure method, insist on the target orientation, orientation, outcome orientation unifies, is focused on the enterprise whole life cycle, controls the market main body, expectation and demand to find problems and gap in the blade to the courage to solve the outstanding problems of the business environment, strengthen supervision and optimization services, accurate power to repair short, strength, quality, improve government management ability and management efficiency of optimization improve the business environment, improving investment attraction. & other; The new preferential policies are divided into nine parts: factor support, contribution subsidy, industry support, talent policy, listing incentive policy, industry-university combination and scientific and technological innovation platform construction, encouraging business investment, negative list of project access, and supplementary provisions. Compared with the past, the new policy clarifies the requirements and standards of implementation, making the policy more operable. At the same time, the new policy will give greater support to the high-tech field, increase subsidies for dust-free workshop decoration and equipment subsidies, and encourage enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation and technological reform. Advanced & rsquo; Industry march, continuously extend the industrial chain, break & Lsquo; One phosphorus is the most important. The situation, so as to achieve the industry in full bloom. Throughout the &; Kaiyang County Commerce and investment Promotion Bureau secretary of the Party group, director Lu Biao said.  The Wudang District will be completed by the end of this year. One hundred gardens and one hundred products; , make when the characteristic brand, there are mainly represented by cherry, kiwi fruit, such as Yang mei fine orchards 50, represented by the tea tree mushroom, morchella, etc of vegetable garden 30, represented by iron caulis dendrobii, bletilla plantation 10 Chinese medicine, in the ecological cycle of fish, represented by the black feather chicken breeding special breeding garden 10, more than 100 new high quality agricultural products, helping out of poverty, and further build the agriculture business consumption environment for the development of fusion. & other; Next, we will combine & Lsquo; Rsquo; With the maturity time of agricultural products as the principal axis, the product is launched in different periods & LSQUo; Visit hundreds of gardens, enjoy ecology, learn culture, drink tea, taste fresh fruit, practice agriculture, nourish body and mind. With guaibi Tiangui Tea Garden as the core, guaibi Tiangui tea Garden integrates tourism elements such as sunflower Festival, chicken and egg picking, tea picking, and farm meals, defines tourism routes, and carries out exhibitions and sales activities of agricultural products to promote the integrated development of agriculture, culture, business and tourism. Throughout the &; Yuan Huibin, the mayor of Baiyi town.  In terms of contribution subsidy and industry support, the policy is clear. If an enterprise meets the terms of the contract and achieves efficiency by putting into production on schedule, the enterprise shall be given certain investment contribution subsidy according to the retained contribution of the county level paid by the enterprise. Specific preferential policies are also made for cultivating high-tech enterprises, leading processing enterprises and agricultural brand creation, promoting scenic spots and introducing international famous hotel support.


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