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      &"In the past, garbage was often seen on the road in the village. It felt dirty. Through the vigorous renovation of the village, these scenes no longer exist. &Fang Rong, a 40 year old man in Shuitang village of Yongle Township, said that now domestic garbage is put into fixed dustbins, and people in the village come to collect it every day. Anyone who piles up garbage in front of his house will be embarrassed if his neighbors see it! Watching the village more and more beautiful, the environment is getting better and better, the villagers are very happy. &"With the improvement of environmental sanitation, the villagers are comfortable to live in, and their consciousness of maintaining the environment has also improved. Now, the appearance of villages has changed greatly. &Gong Daoxiang, Secretary of the Party branch of Shuitang village, said that the village has been developing rural tourism. The village has taken on a new look, the infrastructure has been constantly improved, and the gorgeous appearance of the village has greatly promoted the development of rural tourism.  In order to turn the grand blueprint of Guiyang Gui'an into a beautiful reality, we must speed up the construction of the urban development pattern of "connecting the central axis of the city, coordinating the two wings of the East and the west, expanding in both directions from north to south, and advancing step by step in groups" to enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of Guiyang Gui'an. We should focus on the goal of building a large-scale economic city, optimize and improve the urban function, spatial structure and development mode of Guiyang Gui'an, and accelerate the construction of a new development pattern of industry city coordination, regional coordination, urban-rural coordination, and human and natural coordination; We should open up the framework of urban development (build Shubo avenue into the "central axis" of Guiyang Gui'an City, form a new backbone to support the urban development, and become the driving force to promote the integrated development; promote the superposition of resource advantages with the coordination of the East and the West; accelerate the coordinated development of urban and rural areas with the two-way development of North and South; and promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas in groups; Strengthen regional coordination and linkage, not only to tap the stock potential of urban renewal in old urban areas, but also to give full play to Gui'an's "building a city on flat land"; It not only scientifically arranges the space carrier of urban construction and industrial development, but also gives full play to the ecological value of refreshing Guiyang and Shanshui Gui'an, promotes the balanced allocation of various resources, forms a group type module with relatively complete functions, moderate spatial density and balanced job housing ratio, so as to promote each group to give full play to its advantages, highlight its characteristics, and develop in a coordinated way The integrity, coordination and sustainability of the system.  Hao's wife is sharp and smooth, which is obviously a bunch of nonsense. But from her words, di Renjie understands that she believes in karma and the theory of hell. Then he put Hao's wife in prison and made a plan to tell the servants to act according to the plan. At the third watch of that night, a gust of wind blew into the prison, and Hao's wife woke up from her sleep. Two little ghosts put iron chains around her neck and held her to a gloomy hall. The ghosts on both sides were ferocious and were waving their teeth and claws. In the middle of the hall was the king of hell. Hao's wife was scared out of her wits at the scene. He yelled at his wife. It's not the case yet Hao's wife kowtowed to beg for mercy and confessed from the truth.

       A student in his class was often late for class in recent days and went to bed. The head teacher warned him for many times, but the effect was not good. The student offered to stop the class. His colleagues also contacted his parents. The parents said that he would go home to teach at night and then let him go to school. Colleagues see the news, basically understand that the student's mind is keen on the ground stall, has no intention of school, not interested in learning. Colleagues feel very confused, it is better to support or oppose. Senior high school students are 17-8 years old, which is the age of knowledge and body. We hope that the student will return to the campus and classroom as soon as possible. The stall economy occurs every year, but not often in the student days. A Chao said that a piece of seemingly ordinary embroidery piece needs to be carefully tasted to experience the story contained in it. &"Four petal flower" is a symbol of Miao nationality. It symbolizes father, mother, son and daughter. A family composed of four people is perfect and happy. If you want to really understand the Miao embroidery and the embroidery content, book knowledge is far from enough. You have to look at the real object, and you have to go into the village and ask the elderly for advice to really understand the essence of these embroidery pieces. &For more than ten years, a Chao has been an expert in Miao embroidery. If you look at the embroidery pieces, you can tell the approximate age, technology and material of the embroidery. On October 7, 2014, a Chao's collection was found in CCTV-1's treasure hunt program. &"At that time, there were more than 30000 collections in Guizhou. The coat I collected from the Miao nationality area in Central Guizhou in the late Qing Dynasty stood out. In 2008, I collected more than 4000 yuan in a village in Taijiang. The stitches, stitches and satins are exquisite and beautiful, which can be called excellent products. &After the program was broadcast, many collectors in Yunnan, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places found a Chao and wanted to buy it at a high price &"Previously, I could only do a urine test. After seven days of heroin use, I couldn't find it out, and two days later, I couldn't find out. &Huang Zhaobo, a police officer of the anti drug brigade, said that this year, Xifeng County Public Security Bureau has launched a hair detection method. In addition to routine urine tests, hair tests are carried out on drug addicts every quarter to detect whether they have smoked drugs in half a year. In the first half of this year, 499 people passed the hair test, among which 21 drug addicts tested positive. According to the work requirements of "drug addicts must be checked if they smoke and if they are traffickers, they must be checked for their sources". A drug addict explained that he purchased drugs through the Internet, and completed the contactless transaction through online ordering, online trading, and "dropping bags". After obtaining the clues, the police will track the suspect information through big data investigation, and capture the suspect when the suspect asks the drug addict to pick up the goods. A Chao, who made up his mind, began to collect Miao embroidery crazily. &"At that time, when I was traveling in sankeshu, I bought embroidery with all the 4000 yuan I brought with me. &After he began to collect embroidery pieces, a Chao also met many embroidery masters. From them, I learned a lot about Guizhou Miao embroidery. For example, Miao embroidery can be divided into thread embroidery, bilateral embroidery and seed embroidery & hellip; & hellip; there are many kinds of embroidery, and the contents of the embroidery include the migration history, production environment, and myths of the Miao people. Look at the & lsquo; Miao terracotta warriors and horses. This is the city, and there are horses in the outer ring. Does it look like people holding horses? &Ah Chao picked up the embroidery piece and read it with relish.

       According to the promulgation and implementation of the national language policy and the needs of readers, Xinhua dictionary also needs to be revised regularly. In August this year, Xinhua Dictionary (12th Edition) officially appeared. In this way, after the card is circulated and discussed, the summary is the entry of the word in the dictionary. Later, after repeated revision and word for word deliberation by experts, this edition of Xinhua dictionary was published in 1953. According to a previous report by Qianjiang Evening News, Cao xiantuo, a linguist, mentioned that the revision of Xinhua dictionary is very strict. For example, in 1998, a new entry was added to the amendment, and the reviser went to the hair salon twice to ask the teacher for advice. After experiencing it personally, they decided on the definition of "baking oil". Although it was impossible to confirm the existence of Antarctic land at that time, cork had actually made a circle around the outer part of the Antarctic continent. On the south pole, cork once predicted in his diary: "it is not easy and dangerous to explore the unknown ice sea coast. According to my experience, I don't think anyone will follow my adventure. I am sure that there are continents in the south, but they can't be found." At that time, he might have seen the Antarctic Peninsula from the slope of the hillside on the island of lessepson. The captain of the seal fleet may have been the first to discover the Antarctic continent. The place he found was vast mountain areas, and with thicker snow and fog than the South cydland islands, it was extremely desolate. On August 7, the Party Working Committee of Qingxi Street carried out special rectification on the phenomenon of road occupying operation and mobile vendors in yunshang commercial street, helping more than 20 businesses to sort out their goods, arranging cleaning personnel to clean the street surface, and persuading the mobile vendors one by one. After rectification, the dirty, disorderly and poor phenomenon of cloud commercial street has been completely changed, and the phenomenon of vehicle congestion has been effectively alleviated. In addition, Qingxi street also organized Party member volunteers and village (community) front-line staff to carry out comprehensive environmental management work in the whole street. During the activity, the party members and volunteers distributed relevant publicity knowledge in the shops near the street, guided the merchants to do a good job in front of the "Three Guarantees", carefully cleaned up the dead corners and blind areas of sanitation, and thoroughly cleaned up and transported the sundries and garbage accumulated by residents for years.  

      Once upon a time, there were two traders, one surnamed Ma and the other Wang. One day, they went to live in a shop and lived on the same Kang in the same room. Old horse said: "we take the curse as drinking cold water, bowl by bowl." Two people said, ready to go to bed. Lao Wang put a package of Sanzi brought out from home quietly under his feet and went to sleep. Lao Ma also fell asleep with his head in. In the middle of the night, the old horse smelled a fragrance and touched it with his hand. He thought about how to eat it. After a while, Lao Wang hums and opens his mouth, and the old horse picks out the Sanzi and chews it. As soon as Lao Wang woke up, he heard the sound of banging and banging. He thought it was an old horse's whimper, so he turned over and fell asleep again. Old ma ate up Sanzi and fell asleep. Because there were robbers in the cave, Ali Baba hid in the tree to spy and dare not go down. He was afraid that they would suddenly come out of the cave and fall into their hands and be killed. Finally, he decided to steal a horse and drive his donkey back to the city. Just as he was about to go down the tree, the door of the cave opened suddenly. The bandit leader first came out of the cave. He stood in front of the door and counted his followers. When he saw that the people had come out, he began to recite the mantra, saying: after the leader's counting and checking, no problem was found, the minions went to their horses, put the empty saddle bags on the saddle, and then mounted the horses one by one Follow the leader and leave. "No, my child," said the old man, "I'm very sorry that your coachman cheated you. Nichols's house is three miles down. Come in, come in. " Tom looked behind him and said, "it's too late - he can't see." "Yes, he's gone, my child. You must come in and have lunch with us, and then we'll take you down to the Nichols' house." "Oh, I can't disturb you too much. It's not going to work. I can go - I don't care about the idea. " "Oh, come in," said Aunt Sally. "It's not much trouble for us, not at all. You must stay. These three miles are not short, and the roads are dusty. We must not let you go. I've ordered an extra dish. Don't let people down when you come in. Come in, please. It's like being in your own house. " Erlizi pointed to the middle-aged man and said to master Wang, "I was just about to go out shopping for vegetables when I saw this carriage coming face-to-face. It seems that it is aiming at our longevity studio. I recognize this carriage. It belongs to Councilor Chen from the neighboring county. Mr. Chen is the richest man in our area. Even he is here. Our longevity room is really a long face! "Er Lizi quickly went out to greet Chen and his party. After a while, erlizi went into the kitchen again and handed the menu to master Wang: "master, this Chen Yuan is really straightforward, and ordered our most expensive longevity banquet!" they began to work quickly. In a panic, er Lizi handed the spoon to master Wang, and Master Wang frowned. Two plums patted his head and said with a smile: "master, I'm sorry, I'm so happy that I forget the master's rule: only chopsticks are used for cooking, and no pot spoon is needed."

      At this time, the man in gray rushed to fight with Ying Shaowu. After ten rounds, the man in grey was stabbed in the arm by Ying Shaowu. Suddenly, Lin Wanshi takes out her handkerchief and shakes in the wind. A stream of white smoke covers Ying Shaowu. Ying Shaowu only felt dizzy and fell to the ground with a "Gudong" sound. Ximen Diao asked Lin Wanshi to help the man in grey dress up the wound, and he escorted Ying Shaowu to the capital. Ni Chengzong danced with joy when he saw that Ying Shaowu had been captured. At the dinner party, Ni Chengzong's relatives offered Lin Wanshi a glass of wine. Lin Wanshi finished drinking the wine. However, Ni Chengzong was surprised to find that dozens of strange flowers suddenly appeared on the back of his hand. His body quickly dehydrated and shriveled, and finally fell to the ground with a "Gudong". ① Food should be light: fresh vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach, rape, radish, carrot, tomato, cucumber, wax gourd, can not only supplement the supply of vitamins and inorganic salts, but also have the functions of clearing phlegm, removing fire and defecation; Soybean and soybean products contain high-quality protein needed by human body, which can supplement the nutritional loss caused by chronic tracheitis, without the disadvantage of phlegm accumulation and fire. ② Strengthen the usual diet: children cough for a long time does not heal, consumption injury, lung and spleen weakness. Therefore, usually choose to have spleen, lung, kidney, Qi, phlegm, such as pig, cattle, sheep lungs and loquat, orange, pear, lily, jujube, lotus seed, almond, walnut, honey and so on, which can help to strengthen the physique and improve symptoms.  Recently, Yihe Shilong ecological park, which covers an area of 680 mu, is located in Shilong village, Buyi Township, Niuchang, Baiyun District. As the administrator of Yihe Shilong ecological park, Tang Falin not only needs to do a good job in the daily management and protection of fruits, flowers and trees in the park, but also helps to receive tourists who come to visit. &Since last month, several groups of tourists have come to visit every week. &Tang Falin said. In recent years, with the help of the working group of synchronous well-off living in the village, Shilong village has started from the construction of the Party branch, on the basis of consolidating the grass-roots fortress, led the farmers to promote the adjustment of agricultural industrial structure, successively developed Shilong Changsheng pepper, forest ecological native chicken breeding and other industries, and introduced specialized companies to develop ecological orchard projects. However, the projects are scattered, leading and coverage is not strong. How to integrate resources to form a joint force to drive the development of the whole village has become a key issue for the well-off working group and the two committees of the village branch. On August 10, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the announcement on the planned recovery of some telecommunication network code number resources. According to relevant regulations, it is planned to take back some telecommunication network code resources in the near future. In order to protect the interests of users and enhance the transparency and fairness of the management of telecom network code number resources, this part of telecom network code number resources to be recovered is publicized, and the publicity time is up to September 9, 2020. After the expiration of the publicity period, the code number recovery mechanism will be started to recover the corresponding telecom network code number resources. According to the Ministry of industry and information technology, according to the plan, the number 95 is the number used uniformly throughout the country. It can be divided into three categories according to the purpose: customer service number of service-oriented enterprises and institutions, public service number and other business access number. In other words, it may be a bank, an airline, a government department, or a value-added telecom enterprise that does business with the number 95. Most of the time, users are most disgusted to receive a call from this last type of sales promotion business.

      Over the years, Xinhua dictionary has been published again and again, helping many people to enter the door of knowledge. It is the first dictionary with vernacular interpretation and examples in New China. It is also the most influential and authoritative small Chinese dictionary so far. Some readers mentioned that when they went to school, learning to look up the dictionary was one of the compulsory teaching contents in Chinese class. In the class, almost everyone has a copy of Xinhua dictionary. Students who pay attention to it will also pack the "book cover" for protection. With the advent of the Internet, the influence of Xinhua dictionary has gradually expanded to online. The latest version of Xinhua dictionary is the first time to realize the synchronous distribution of app and paper books.  At present, the street has set up a "smart micro food market" in bishuiyuntian, liyangtianxia, jincuiwan, Bihai Honghu and other residential areas. Next, the street will add "smart micro food farm" in tieyidu and China Resources international community; In order to create a 15 minute off-line intelligent life service circle, the residents can intelligently purchase fruits and vegetables agricultural products in the community, and effectively improve the residents' sense of gain, happiness and security. &"It is the pride of every member of the Huanghe street that the masses sign up to support the creative activities. &Ni Xiaobo, Secretary of the Huanghe Road sub district Party Working Committee, said that he hoped that everyone would sign his name as an agreement and abide by the code of civilized citizens; As a standard, starting from me, starting from now, starting from the small things around us, we should use practical actions to convey civilization, practice civilization and promote civilization, and make joint efforts to comprehensively improve the awareness, support and participation rate of the public on building a civilized city, and promote the in-depth development of creativity. Social propaganda has been carried out with great efforts. The Internet, mobile app and other media are widely used to publish and broadcast the core socialist values and "emphasize civilization and establish new style" on the electronic display screen of window units, shops, taxis, buses, etc; Guiyang Economic and Technological Development Zone has set up a platform for education guidance, public opinion propaganda, cultural edification, practice cultivation, system guarantee, etc. through the moistening and silent education, the core socialist values can be deeply influenced It is transformed into people's spiritual pursuit and externalized into people's conscious action. A Chao is a Miao nationality and lives in Pingshan, Anshun. His mother and aunt are famous local singers. A Chao said that when he was a child, he often watched his mother and sister embroider, and thought that those things were very beautiful. After growing up, a Chao followed the wishes of his parents and studied Chinese language and literature education major in Anshun University. After graduation, he became a teacher. In 2008, a Chao went to sankeshu town in Kaili, which became an opportunity for him to enter the Miao culture. &"At that time, I was living in a village village. Before daybreak, I heard the local people singing. I saw them singing at the same time as they were setting up a stall. It turned out that they were on the market selling their own embroidery. &Ah Chao was shocked to see all kinds of exquisite Miao embroidery in the market. &"These original embroidery are all embroidered by local old embroiderers. There are historical marks in them, and there are stories about the Miao family. A Chao also saw some foreigners selecting embroidery pieces in the market. Why don't we study our national culture so much? &Ah Chao's sudden idea changed his life. He was determined to study and inherit the Miao culture.

      "Oh, a bone is stuck in my throat." He rushed to see the doctor. "Please help me." Then he met a crane. "Dear Miss crane, please help me. A head is stuck in my throat. I'll pay you. "  There was a man who wanted to invite a guest a month later. He wanted to invite a lot of guests, so he began to prepare it very early. He also wanted to accumulate milk day by day, so that the guests could eat and drink a lot on that day. But he thought, "if I remove the milk every day, it will accumulate more and more. I don't have such a big bucket to hold it. What's more, if you put it in a barrel, it will become sour and rotten after a long time. I'd better not rub it from today on, let it accumulate in the cow's breast, and when the guests come that day, I'll invite them to eat fresh milk. It's really better than that. " So he separated his cow from her new calf, and did not go to fetch the milk every day. A month later, when the day of hospitality arrived, he took the cow and came to all the guests with a smile on his face and said, "I'll invite you to have fresh milk!" But the milk was not a drop out, on the spot to the guests ridicule a meal. Wang Xiaodong, a first level inspector of the Tourism Development Department of the Tibet Autonomous Region, said that Tibet is rich in ecological and health care resources. The first batch of pilot projects will start from the nature of friendly environment, resource conservation and sustainable development of tourism, vigorously develop Tibetan medicine bath, hot spring health preservation, leisure vacation and green ecology, and promote the upgrading of traditional sightseeing tourism to experiential tourism, so as to serve the West The transformation of Tibetan tourism will open up a new way out. On the day of the licensing ceremony, a number of large travel agencies signed contracts with six bases. In the next step, the Tourism Development Department of Tibet Autonomous Region will also carry out unified planning and layout for the selected bases, and give key support in innovating system and mechanism, promoting integrated development, enriching product supply and optimizing public services. During the summer vacation, Xiaolan returned home with her son Xiaogang after the college entrance examination. Aunt Liu was very happy, but she made a joke when she opened her mouth. Xiaogang saw her grandmother talking teeth trembling, asked her what happened, but Aunt Liu had no choice but to tell the truth. Xiao Gang carefully examined Aunt Liu, especially the four gold teeth she had just inlaid, and suddenly burst into laughter. It turned out that Aunt Liu went to an informal clinic in order to be greedy for cheap money. The black hearted doctor concealed Aunt Liu's only two gold teeth on the outside, and the two invisible ones were aluminum teeth. Gold teeth and aluminum teeth, together with saliva, constitute a simple galvanic cell. As soon as Aunt Liu talks, the battery turns on and generates current, which makes Aunt Liu have the previous symptoms.

        I remember one time I mentioned with my local elder sister that I love to eat papaya chicken here, but I don't have this kind of papaya in my family. On the day when I went back to school, my elder sister went to the tea factory early in the morning and gave me the sour papaya she picked from home. I'm really moved and I hope we can help them more. &Through unremitting efforts, in 2019, the village's collective economic income will reach 280000 yuan, and the income of 240 poor households will increase by 1600 yuan. At present, "Chunpu" scientific research team is still upgrading the automation of Pu'er ripe tea fermentation equipment, creating a technology product market chain, and driving local poverty alleviation. "If you don't believe it, you can see it with your own eyes," RAM said The friend came to the window and saw his master was sharpening his knife. He turned and ran away. The master did not care to drop the knife and ran after him: "stop! You can take one, but you have to leave one for me!" the friend turned around and saw the master chasing him with a knife. He ran faster and disappeared in a blink of an eye. The host had to return home and said to ram, "I didn't expect this guy to be so greedy." With that, he went out to buy two big mangoes and gave them to ram. "You can eat one for yourself, and the other can cut it for me." &Nowadays, the drug trade is spreading from offline to online, which brings difficulties to the public security organs in investigating and handling cases. &"Huang Zhaobo said that in today's Internet era, anti drug police use big data three-dimensional, dynamic and professional research and judgment clues to effectively crack down on drug-related cases. Data shows that in the first half of this year, Xifeng County cracked 11 drug-related crimes, an increase of 10% compared with the same period last year; 14 drug suspects were arrested, with a year-on-year increase of 16.67%; 135 drug addicts were investigated and dealt with, an increase of 42.11%. At the same time, it assisted Zhijin Public Security Bureau to crack down on the provincial target case "2019-67" and arrested 12 drug suspects and seized 1308.54 grams of drugs.

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